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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Featured Resources: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

ASIS International has been built on the fundamental premise that diversity and inclusion of all, regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, ethnicity, and/or professional practice, is foundational to our global success. In this we have found that we are stronger together.

How to Avoid Eight Diversity Recruiting Mistakes

Employers are re-evaluating workplace diversity at their organizations, starting with being more thoughtful about recruiting from a broader range of talent. However, these efforts are not without pitfalls.


ASIS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community

A community dedicated to working across the security profession to convene conversations among professionals that will lead to practical ideas and solutions that create diverse, equitable, and inclusive envinronments in all organizations.


Additional DE&I Resources

Jumpstart Your DE&I Culture
ASIS and SIA DE&I stakeholders curated a list of resources from a variety or sources for security professionals.

DE&I Lessons with Malcolm B. Reid, CPP
ASIS Global Board Director and DE&I Task Force member discusses the importance of DE&I policies for companies and in the security sector overall.
ASIS Blog Post, December 2020

Leading with Empathy: Fostering Engaged Workforces
Much like the world we live in, the security business has changed, and the lessons gained serve as a powerful reminder that to be effective in our industry, we need to evolve as leaders to get the best out of our people.
Security Management Online, November 2020

Career Moves: Do Security Leaders Need Law Enforcement Backgrounds?
In a competitive security management job market, recruiters often look for prior law enforcement experience. As security skills and needs change, however, so does the ideal candidate’s background.
Security Management, October 2020

Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Block Gender Equality
A majority of U.S. adults say the country hasn’t done enough about gender equality. Even though many believe there has been progress in the last decade, sexual harassment and societal expectations stand in the way.
Security Management, September 2020

Force of the Future, Frustrated
However sophisticated military drones and artificial intelligence defense technologies have become, it still takes well-trained humans—both male and female—to sustain national security. So it follows that the national security of any nation suffers when its military has problems recruiting and retaining soldiers. Such a problem exists for the U.S. military when it comes to female soldiers.
Security Management, September 2020

Your Hiring Assessments Could Get You in Trouble
Hiring assessments can be a slippery slope for employers, especially when they rule out protected employees and create disparate impact.
Security Management Online, July 2020

Six Sources of Workplace Cultural Conflicts
New research into organizational culture traces workplace conflict back to six core elements that can make the difference between a healthy and a toxic environment.
Security Management, June 2020

How to Create a Culture to Prevent Harassment
Experts offer advice on creating an organizational culture to prevent sexual harassment.
Security Management, April 2020

How Managers Can Sustain Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces
Maintaining D&I in a security department can give it a competitive innovation edge and position it well for attracting future talent.
Security Management, March 2020

Employee Activists Speak Out
When employees disagree with their organization’s direction or actions, they are increasingly likely to take action.
Security Management, November 2019

Building a Hostility-Free Workforce
Employers and security managers who take action now to help establish and solidify a welcoming and hostility-free work environment will be better positioned for the future. Such actions can come in many forms, ranging from zero-tolerance anti-harassment policies and violence prevention training to diversity task forces and team-building exercises.
Security Management, November 2018

How to Lead a Diverse Security Workforce
Increasing diversity, especially in the current societal environment of polarization and conflict, can lead to fraught situations in the workplace.
Security Management, May 2018