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ASIS International Announces 2023 Global and Regional Board Appointments and Other Governing Boards

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ASIS International Announces 2023 Global and Regional Board Appointments and Other Governing Boards

Alexandria, VA (8 December 2022)—ASIS International, the world’s largest association for security management professionals, today announced the full slate for its 2023 Global Board of Directors as well as its North American Regional Board of Directors and European Regional Board of Directors. 2023 global and regional directors will take office 1 January 2023. 

Joe M. Olivarez, Jr has been selected to serve as Secretary/Treasurer of the Global Board in 2023, joining President Timothy M. McCreight, CPP, of Canada; President-Elect Cy A. Oatridge, CPP, of the United States; and, CEO Peter J. O’Neil, FASAE, CAE, on the Global Board’s Executive Committee. 

Selected as new At-Large Directors for the Global Board are Danny Chan, CPP, of Singapore, Karen Frank, CPP, of the United States and Rick Kelly, CPP, of the United States. 

Continuing as At-Large Directors are Pablo Colombres, CPP, of Brazil; Axel Petri, CPP, of Germany; and Eddie Sorrells, CPP, PCI, PSP, of the United States. 

Serving as ex-officio representatives to the 2023 Global Board are leaders from various ASIS volunteer groups, namely: 

  • Lisa Oliveri, CPP, PCI, of the United States, representing the CSO Center Board (voting member) 
  • Brian J. Allen, CPP, of the United States, representing the ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees (voting member) 
  • Werner J. Cooreman, CPP, PSP, of Belgium, representing the Professional Standards Board (non-voting member)
  • Joshua Villines, of the United States, representing the Professional Certification Board (non-voting member)


The seating of ASIS International’s regional boards affirms the association’s continued transition to a global governance structure that allows ASIS to better serve its members at the local, regional, and global levels.

North American Regional Board of Directors

European Regional Board of Directors

Chair: Donna M. Kobzaruk, USA

Chair: Erik de Vries, CPP, PSP, The Netherlands

Vice Chair: Mark J. Folmer, CPP, Canada

Vice Chair: Stephanie M. Bergouignan, CPP, France

Secretary/Treasurer: Craig S. Russell, CPP, USA

Secretary/Treasurer: Torsten Wolf, CPP, Switzerland

Richard L. Duncan, CPP, USA

Christina Alexander Alexandropoulou, Greece

Marti Katsiaras, PSP, Canada

Samuele Caruso, CPP, Italy

Rachelle Loyear, USA

Radek Havlis, CPP, Czech Republic

Loye A. Manning, CPP, PSP, USA

Glenn C. Schoen, The Netherlands

Leonard Moss, Jr., CPP, USA

Andrew Williams, CPP, United Kingdom

Susan E. Munn, CPP, Canada


Jason M. Sikora, CPP, USA


Teresa Swarczinski, CPP, USA 


Omar Valdemar, CPP, USA


Kobzaruk and de Vries, the chairs of each regional board, will serve on the ASIS Global Board of Directors.

The global and regional board members were selected by their respective nominating committees and approved by the Global Board of Directors. 

The Global Board of Directors Nominating Committee included: John A. Petruzzi, Jr., CPP, Chair; Brian J. Allen, CPP; Pablo Colombres, CPP; Werner J. Cooreman, CPP, PSP; Axel Petri, CPP; Mark Landry, CPP; Gigi Agassini, CPP; and Peter J. O’Neil, CEO, Ex-officio, non-voting 

The European Regional Board Nominating Committee included: Eric Davoine, CPP, Chair; Russell Penny, CPP; Feride Yildirim, CPP; Berndt Rif, CPP; Gregory Robertson, CPP; David Crevillen; Susan Mosedale, CGMEO, Ex-oficio, non-voting; and Stephanie Bergouignan, CPP, Vice Chair, European Regional Board, Liaison to Nominating Committee, non-voting. 

The North American Regional Board Nominating Committee consisted of Jason Caissie, CPP, Chair; ​Lisa Terry, CPP; ​Bob Johnson, CPP; ​Mark Gaudette, CPP; Viktorija Graham, CPP; Sean Spence, APP; Peter O’Neil, CEO, Ex-oficio, non-voting; and Mark Folmer, CPP, Vice Chair, North American Regional Board, Liaison to Nominating Committee, non-voting. 


Other ASIS governing board appointments for 2023 are as follows:  

ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees  

Maria Teresa Septien, CPP, Chair; Martin L. Gill, Ph.D., Vice Chair; Dana Adams, CPP, CISSP, MBA, Treasurer-Secretary; Brian J. Allen, Esq., CPP (Immediate Past Chair); David Brooks, Ph.D.; Dame Victoria O. Ekhomu, CPP; Mark Eklund; James Kelly; Timothy Kelly, PSP; Bryn Palena; Michael C. Petty; and Ben Suurd, CPP. 

CSO Center Board 

Anders Noyes, CPP, Chair; Mark J. Landry, CPP, Vice Chair; Lisa Oliveri, CPP, PCI (Immediate Past Chair); Michel de Jong; Avril Eklund, CPP; RC Miles; Oscar Odom III J.D., Ed.D; Adam C. Smith, CPP; Frazier R. Thompson IV, CPP; and Lisa M. Zarzycki. 

Professional Certification Board 

Phillip L. Bratton, CPP, PSP, Chair; Brian Lipscomb, PSP, Vice Chair; Joshua Villines, CPP, PCI, PSP (Immediate Past Chair); Khalid Al-Ghamdi, CPP, PSP; Benjamin Brown, CPP,PSP; James Cawood, CPP,PCI,PSP; Robert A. Durand, CPP; Michael J. King, CPP, PCI, PSP; Vasiles Kiosses, CPP, PSP; Eric Kready, CPP; Anya Lazarova, APP; Jeffrey S. Leonard, CPP, PSP; Melissa  Mack, CPP; Jacob Maenner, Sr., CPP, PSP; Kevin Peterson, CPP; Humberto Santibáñez, CPP; and Lina Tsakiris, CPP. 

Professional Standards Board 

Lisa DuBrock, CPP, Chair; David Feeney, CPP, PSP, Vice Chair; Werner Cooreman, CPP, PSP (Immediate Past Chair); Charles Baley; Mark Beaudry, CPP; Peter Bernritter, CPP; Bruce Braes, CPP, PSP; Robert Carotenuto, CPP, PCI, PSP; Patrick Cooper, PCI; David Dodge, CPP, PCI; Michael Edgerton, CPP; Linda Florence, CPP; Hector Grynberg, CPP; Tommy Hansen, CPP; Michael Hodge, CPP; Jennifer Holcomb, CPP, PSP; Christian Huenke, PCI; Ronald Lander, CPP; Bryan Leadbetter, CPP; Victoria Ogbuehi, CPP, PCI; Angela Osborne, CPP, PCI, PSP; Rene Rieder, CPP, PSP; Antonio Romanelli, CPP; J Kelly Stewart; Timothy Sutton, CPP, PSP; and John Villines, CPP, PCI, PSP.  


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