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From April to June each year, ASIS International accepts nominations for its annual Awards of Excellence, with winners to be recognized at Global Security Exchange (GSX). At the time of this article's publication, the window to apply for 2022 awards has now opened and will remain open until 15 June.

To learn more about the Awards of Excellence and their importance to the profession, the ASIS Blog sat down with Awards Committee Chair (and 2021 Women in Security Global Community Karen Marquez Honors recipient) Lynda Buel, CPP.

You received the 2021 Women in Security Global Community Karen Marquez Honors. How does it feel to be recognized with an ASIS award?

I cannot even begin to share the excitement with you in words when I received the notification that I had been selected as the winner of this esteemed award. The Karen Marquez Honors award recognizes a female security professional who has consistently worked for the betterment of the security industry. Being recognized as a leader in the industry who has supported, promoted, and inspired other women in the field to be exceptional leaders is such an honor. It was so humbling to receive all the wonderful cards, notes, and emails of congratulations from my fellow security professionals.

Why should someone apply for an award?

The annual ASIS Awards of Excellence celebrate the important work and accomplishments of ASIS members worldwide. ASIS honors these individuals and chapters not only for their accomplishments but also to share their efforts and to recognize that they have set the standard for the security industry.

There are so many people who have gone above and beyond to elevate the security industry and help ASIS share that knowledge with security professionals and organizations around the world.  Each year, ASIS is pleased to recognize dozens of individuals and chapters who have made their mark and made a difference. And there is no cost to the award applicant.

Who should I nominate for an award?

In terms of who should be nominated for an award, it depends on the award. There are several types of award categories available. They are individual awards, Chapter awards, certification awards, Foundation awards, and Publication awards.

For example, there are numerous individual awards. The President’s Award of Merit is one that recognizes an individual member for their distinguished service, achievements, and/or contributions. Distinguished achievements include such things as significant contributions to the knowledge of the profession, literature of the profession, outstanding service to ASIS International, and/or service to other organizations affiliated with the security profession. It is important to note that Individuals do not apply for this award; rather, the honor is bestowed by the ASIS President.

Another award is the Ralph Day Memorial Security Officer Heroism Award, where a security officer is recognized by the ASIS Security Services Community for outstanding service/acts in the security profession. This award is meant for someone who performs a heroic act that involves circumstances where a private security officer risks his or her life to save another person. The award nominee must be an employee of a contract security company employed as a security officer and is nominated by their employer.

View all of the awards and related criteria on the Awards page.

How are award winners selected?

ASIS International has set up an excellent process to submit award applications via an online portal that makes it so much more convenient than before. Applicants can sign into the awards portal and enter their information, upload documents, and complete the entire application process in one sitting. If they don’t have the time to complete it initially, they can come back in and add information later as long as it is submitted by the deadline.

You can research all the information related to the awards on the Awards page. The beauty of this process is members and chapters no longer have to copy and mail a mountain of data into ASIS Headquarters for review. And it is important to note that ASIS is continually monitoring and tweaking the system to make it as user friendly as possible for our members.

Award winners are selected based on meeting the criteria of the award. The Awards Committee has a detailed process that they follow during the selection process. If the award applicant has met and/or exceeded the criteria listed in the application, they should have a good chance of being selected as an award winner. The Awards Committee has a tough job because we receive so many great applications. This is your year, so do not delay. Get your application submitted on-line for consideration.