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In the December 2020 issue of Security Management magazine, ASIS member Suzanna Alsayed, MDEM discussed women in security and the importance of networking in “The Realities of Launching a Security Startup”. She was kind enough to share her top five career tips with the ASIS blog.

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  1. Enjoy your professional journey and have fun – the famous quote “Work Hard, Play Hard” is a popular for a reason. It is very good to have a good work ethic, however, you should also ensure that you are taking care of yourself. Since, what is the point of achieving all of your goals if you will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour at the end of the day?
  2. Be your own affirmation – easier said than done, but do not let someone’s opinion or lack of vision impact your goals, beliefs, and values.
  3. Be prepared for anything – life can throw you a curveball at any given time, always try to prepare yourself for the unexpected, be it personally or professionally.
  4. Keep learning – we should always be striving to know more and improve the skills that we already have. Additionally, stay organized with all of your projects and engagements, and document them well when possible.
  5. Networking – this should be considered a ‘must-do’. Since the connections you make and relationships you build will play a big role in how you are perceived professionally, and sometimes might determine how fast you advance in your career. 

All in all, do not be afraid of new beginnings, of meeting new people, exploring new avenues, and being exposed to different situations. Attempt to at least try everything once – you never know what might be the ‘it’ factor that pushes you forward.