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Throughout America and the world, businesses everywhere took the pandemic as a challenge. They pivoted, altered their services to keep employees and customers safe while still delivering their services and products, and they carried on. The physical security industry was no different; in fact, with the immediate and critical need to add safety and security procedures to facilities, it was one of the industries called on to do more. That meant that it was also more critical than ever that VerticalXchange’s physical security event SecurityXchange (SX) still happen.

The ASIS Blog sat down with SecurityXchange board members John Nemerofsky (COO, Sage Integration & SX chairperson) and Greg Schreiber (Sr. Vice President of Sales - Global & Enterprise Accounts, Boon Edam Inc) to find out how the hybrid event helped physical security leaders connect in socially distanced world.

Why was it important to make sure physical security leaders had fact-to-face time and how did it work?

John Nemerofsky: We all faced new and intensified challenges in 2020: maintaining the utmost safety and service for our clients while also keeping our teams safe, just to name a couple. Face time with solution providers who can help us address those challenges was critical. The format of SecurityXchange is unlike any other event. It’s about confidential meetings in private rooms, which makes is an ideal partnership summit, particularly in a year like 2020.

In August of 2021 – the 20th anniversary of SX – we expect greater interest in SX than ever before, as everyone is so eager to be in-person again, and these one-on-one meetings are a huge part of how we are going to continue to grow and success. 2020 is behind us, but there are new challenges appearing all the time.

What precautions did SX put in place to make the event possible?

Greg Schreiber: The SX team put a lot of care and attention into social distancing during receptions and meals, and the large, comfortable meeting spaces made it easy to feel safe.  At the same time, we also appreciated the preparations SX took to ensure that we could meet virtually with the people who, understandably, cannot travel. There is nothing better than meeting with our customers, and we always value our experience at SX.

The SX model works through a multi-step process that engages and matches end user and integrator executives with solution providers to ensure that they are prepared for every meeting. End user and integrator executives participate in a thorough profile process, which is then used to match them to solution providers with solutions relevant to their needs. Prior to the meetings, the executives from both sides participate in pre-SX phone calls, as well. Because of all of those steps, everyone, whether in-person or virtual, is prepared to have a meaningful meeting where real progress is made. That’s what makes it work.