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Andrew Bochman, senior grid strategist for Idaho National Lab, provides strategic guidance on topics at the intersection of grid security and infrastructure resilience to senior U.S. and international government and industry leaders. Andy has provided analysis on energy sector security and resilience standards and gaps to the various USG and state regulators. 

On 31 August, Bochman will lead an ASIS webinar providing An Early Intro to Climate-informed Infrastructure Resilience, and he also contributed an article titled "Mission Almost Impossible: Siting Infrastructure in an Unpredictable World" to the August issue of Security Technology

Bochman joined ASIS earlier in 2021. He sat down with the ASIS Blog to discuss how his security journey led him to ASIS membership.

Q: How did you get involved in the security profession?

AB: Shortly after Y2K passed with more of a whimper than a bang, the group of Boston-based application reengineering folks I was with cast their net for the next big challenge. As many of the Y2K clients we had were on Wall Street, and some were beginning to voice concerns about cybersecurity, we asked ourselves if our capabilities could be leveraged in that direction, and it so happened that they could. That Y2K firm worked hard and transformed itself in an early application security services shop. I’ve been in security ever since.

Q: Why did you join ASIS?

AB: My Canadian security friend and colleague Ross Johnson suggested it. An energetic and enthusiastic ASIS member, Ross thought my depth on two threats facing infrastructure: cyber and climate change, might be good for an ASIS community just starting to turn its attention to those topics. And while it’s still early days for me, with the publication earlier this month of “Mission Almost Impossible: Siting Infrastructure in an Unpredictable World” in ASIS’s online magazine, and the few talks I was able to give members on cyber topics earlier, seems we’re off to the races!

Q: As a new member of ASIS, what does membership mean to you and what are you hoping to get out of it?

AB: It’s a wonderful thing to be welcomed into a group of like-minded, mission-oriented professionals. I hope what I share with members might prove helpful to them, and at the same time, I’m getting a heck of a lot out of my interactions with them.