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We are pleased to announce the establishment of our new online community platform, ASIS Connects. This trusted private network will transform the way we serve you and the way you interact with other members from around the globe. We are launching with a main member community and smaller community groups for ASIS Councils and other working groups, each of which has its own discussion thread where you can collaborate, ask questions, provide suggestions, or discuss the latest trends. Notification settings allow you to granularly manage the kinds of updates you get from each group.

ASIS Connects also provides a resource library for the tools you need most, including access to recorded conference sessions, white papers, webinars, and book excerpts, your free member copy of each of our standards and guidelines, as well as volunteer and chapter management tools and resources. The community also houses the new member directory and allows you to connect directly with other members from all over the world.

This platform will only grow over time. As we move forward this year, we will develop topic-based discussion forums tied to our council structure to let users hone in on specific expertise and interests. Also this year, we will build out chapter and event management tools in the community platform making it easier for members to engage on the local level, streamlining chapter management, and improving communications at every level of the Society.

Head on over to ASIS Connects now, log in, and setup your public profile (top right corner of the website). Then dive in to a discussion and start engaging!

Community Challenge

The community keeps an engagement score for each member and will display the most active members at the bottom of the ASIS connects homepage. You can view your personal score under “My Contributions” under your profile. Earn some easy points today by uploading a profile picture (10 points), replying to a discussion post (8 points), and inviting other members to connect (3 points).

Please enjoy and if you have any ideas, suggestions, or run into any difficultly, please let us know.

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