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In early 2020, ASIS member Lynn de Vries, CPP, PCI, filmed a #MyASIS member story discussing the benefits of belonging to a global organization like ASIS International.

Following the transformative year that was 2020, the ASIS Blog asked Lynn to share how the ASIS community has helped her through these unprecedented times in particular – and the value of finding support and strength through the #MyASIS network.

Lynn de Vries: The COVID-19 pandemic brought us a lot of challenges – personally, as well as in our professional lives. A lot of people lost their jobs or had to say goodbye to dear colleagues, or - even worse – loved ones. As security professionals, we were confronted with scenarios unlike anything we could have imagined. We had (and still have) to manage situations that were not on the first page of many of our playbooks.

Yet the pandemic also brought a lot of opportunities, forced us to be creative and step outside of our usual boundaries.

I have always valued my ASIS membership, but this last year made me realize more than ever how valuable and strong this network is. So many resources and good practices where shared within this network by ASIS colleagues from near and far. Not to mention the vast number of resources available through the ASIS website and community pages on Connects. Knowing that advice is always available through this community, makes managing this crisis so much easier.

Last but not least, due to the fact that physical gatherings made way for online alternatives, we are even more connected than ever before: we are able to join meetings, webinars, happy hours and more without having to leave the comfort of home.

My ASIS network has grown. I have been in the (virtual) offices of colleagues from across the globe, I have met a lot of cats, dogs and other pets and shared many a digital drink. We are all in this together, and it is heartwarming to see how much support is being offered and how we share a good laugh talking about lighter subjects to take our minds off COVID. And this really strengthens the bond; a lot of colleagues have become friends. My ASIS network: more valuable than ever before!