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Scott Ashworth, CPP, Director of Security at Atlanta United FC shares his #MyASIS story, detailing how attaining his CPP has helped him advance in his career.

The decision to move from law enforcement into the world of corporate security was a difficult one for me. The worry about how transferable my mastered skillset would be in a new arena was front of mind in any interview I took part in. I constantly asked people who were established in the corporate security world, what would give me an edge? How can I translate my skill set into corporate terms? Most would tell me to obtain professional certifications, specifically through ASIS.

I was unsure that a certification from ASIS would help me if I did not find my way into corporate security and remained in law enforcement. This flawed thinking was a misstep on my part.

After joining a corporation with a strong security team and an amazing network of professionals, I finally wanted to take on the Certified Protection Professional certification exam governed by ASIS. My company also saw the benefits of acquiring this certification and sponsored me in the endeavor. I purchased the books and flash cards to help with studying. ASIS offers tons of resources to supplement a person’s own security experience.

The CPP preparation and coursework proved to be the perfect bridge from policing to the private sector. I saw my worth to my company, and now I could explain exactly how my skillset was a vital asset in the protection of people, property, and any company/department I would serve. The material truly enhanced my knowledge regarding the most important areas of security.

I have found, having the CPP designation instantly vouches for my competency in security and security management with other industry professionals. It is truly the “Gold Standard” of certifications in the security field. It allowed me to enter an exclusive network of industry experts who are always willing to help one another achieve future goals.

My experience obtaining the CPP certification left me more knowledgeable, more resourceful, and with a deeper understanding of complex security domains.