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It’s National Security Officer Appreciation Week, and ASIS International is proud to honor our security officer members during this well-deserved week of recognition.

These members are the dedicated professionals we count on to provide services that maintain safe and secure businesses, schools, and communities, but they’re more than that…

  • …they’re every day heroes that provide life-saving support during medical emergencies such as performing timely CPR or escorting patients to hospitals in times of crises to make sure victims can get the urgent medical attention they need as soon as possible.
  • …they’re hard-working, highly trained men and women who initiate emergency response plans, lead evacuation efforts, and provide us with vital information during times of distress.
  • …they are the guardians who find themselves in high-risk situations as they confront bad actors and detain offenders engaging in theft, trespassing, gang activity, or other criminal acts and unlawful behavior.
  • …they’re former military members, retired law enforcement officers, and community advocates that work in partnership with local police departments to provide the critical details they need to solve crimes.
  • …they’re the first line of defense against natural disasters, civil unrest, violence, and terrorist attacks.
  • …they’re the security experts that protect us against workplace violence or who spring into action to save people from themselves in times of mental anguish.
  • …they are the public ambassadors who remain vigilant, responsive, and dedicated to ensuring the most vulnerable in our community – women, children, elderly – feel safe.
  • …they’re the trusted public servants that shut down crime, raise personal security awareness with students, and give us peace of mind in highly populated areas and large events.
  • …they’re our go-to source for everything from a finding missing personal property to reporting suspicious packages and the friendly face that delivers a warm gesture as you enter and leave your establishment. 
  • …they are the community protectors that diffuse escalated situations, prevent lude acts, combat growing concerns of public violence, and play a major role in keeping our neighborhoods, businesses, and communities safe and secure.
  • …they’re the community defenders that provide instantaneous support and put their lives at risk every day to protect and serve and they face immense challenges no one ever wants to have to face.
  • …and they merit our heartfelt appreciation.

 Join us in celebrating these brave men and women in uniform this fourth annual National Security Officer Appreciation Week by showing them how much you appreciate them. Consider one of these suggestions:

  1. Share your appreciation for security professionals on by sharing a message like this on Facebook and a message like this on Twitter.
  2. Buy them lunch or their next cup of coffee.
  3. Write a thank you letter to let them know you appreciate their hard work.
  4. Visit them, shake their hands, say thanks, and even ask them about the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis and find ways to offer your ongoing support and build awareness of these issues.
  5. Include your security officers in ongoing recognition ceremonies.
  6. Recognize an outstanding security officer or colleague by sharing a story of their hard work and dedication.
  7. Host an appreciation meeting or reception for the officers at your establishment
  8. Share this blog with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues and encourage them to celebrate

The great work of security officers across the country can easily be taken for granted as, in today’s society, a security presence has become the expectation. But these professionals are much more than part of the backdrop of our communities and workplaces.

National Security Officer Appreciation Week offers an incredible opportunity to say thank you to security officers everywhere. Thank you for taking just a few minutes to join us in showing your appreciation to these professionals and for recognizing how deserving they are of our respect and admiration for the many contributions they make to our daily lives.

These unsung heroes don’t just deserve our respect and gratitude during National Security Officer Appreciation Week, but 365 days a year. So, the next time your path crosses with a security officer, consider delivering your message of thanks personally.