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This December, ASIS will beta test the exam for its newest certification, the Associate Protection Professional (APP). ASIS created the APP in response to member requests for an early-career credential made specifically to meet the needs of new and transitioning security professionals entering the field.

While other security certifications have historically focused on advancing the careers of seasoned professionals, the APP will be the industry’s first-ever credential designed to meet the needs of security practitioners with four years of related experience or less. With the addition of this fourth designation, the ASIS certification program now offers credentialing for all career levels in the field of security management.

So, whether this is your first security position or you’re a seasoned professional transitioning from another career, the APP not only shows employers and your peers that you possess a solid understanding of the exam’s four domains: security management fundamentals, business operations, risk management, and response management, it also lays the foundation for a successful career in security.

To earn the APP designation, candidates must pass a comprehensive exam covering these domains. The importance of each domain, and the tasks, knowledge, and skills within it, determine the specifications of the APP examination. The relative order of importance of the domains determines the percentage of the total exam questions.

ASIS must beta test the exam prior to its official launch in 2019 to ensure the that the exam is performing properly and to set a passing score. The beta test will be administered 11 December through 15 January and we are accepting application for the beta test now. If you are interested in applying to take the beta exam in December, there will be a two- to three-month delay in receiving the results. Because of this delay, we are offering a deep discount for those who apply to take the beta exam

Exam Application Fees

Pre-Launch Beta Testers - $100

Post Launch ASIS Members - $200

Post Launch Nonmembers - $350


Interested in participating in the beta exam?
Submit an application online or contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


Participants who pass the beta exam will be the very first to hold the Associate Protection Professional (APP) designation!

Professionals interested in pursuing the APP certification are encouraged to review the board certification handbook to find all the details they need to know about the program, including:

  • APP Body of Knowledge (outlining domains, tasks, and knowledge statements you’ll find on the exam)
  • The complete list of APP eligibility requirements
  • Information about how to apply for the exam
  • Details about how to schedule your exam

If you—or a security professional you know—are interested in taking the next step in your career, get started now!