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ASIS International is poised to take the next major step in its transition to a global governance structure that allows the organization to provide better service to its members at the local, regional, and global levels. Beginning in 2022, ASIS will stand up regional boards of directors in both the European and North American regions, with plans for additional regional advisory committees to be seated in future years.

The active chairs of both the European Regional Board (which will seat eight directors) and the North American Regional Board (which will seat twelve directors) will serve on the ASIS Global Board of Directors. These regional boards’ representation on the Global Board will begin in their first year of operation, in 2022.

In keeping with recommendations by ASIS’s European and North American governance workstreams, half of the inaugural members of each regional board will be appointed by the Global Board of Directors.

A European Regional Board Nominating Committee, consisting of ASIS’s Global Board of Directors Nominating Committee and three Global Board-appointed European members, will select the remaining participants for the European Regional Board from a pool of European members who have submitted Candidate Interest Forms for consideration to serve. Likewise, a North American Regional Board Nominating Committee consisting of the Global Board Nominating Committee and three Global Board-appointed North American members will similarly select North American members to serve on the North American Regional Board.

ASIS will begin accepting Candidate Interest Forms from individuals in Europe and North America in late July. Candidate Interest Forms will be due in early September. Visit the Global Governance page or consult our 2021 Governance FAQs for the latest updates.

This new governance structure, which began with the seating of the first Global Board of Directors in 2020, marks a new era for ASIS International—reflecting the diversity of geography, thought, specialty, age, market vertical, and experience of our global membership.