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As the world’s largest association for security management professionals, ASIS International is comprised of members who practice in hundreds of countries around the world, across numerous sectors and at every career stage. To better serve all professionals and members, regardless of geographic location or income level, we are pleased to announce a new dues structure designed to support individuals living in regions classified as upper-middle, low or low-income by the World Bank. 

"Security management professionals advance safety, protection and strategy on a global scale,” says Richard E. Chase, CPP, PCI, PSP, president, ASIS International. “This new level of membership is designed to welcome more professionals into our member community by adjusting the membership dues to be reflective of local economies. We are committed to making our resources available to all professionals—and ASIS is excited to better serve our members, no matter where they are working in the world."

ASIS is committed to advancing training, knowledge, and growth in the security industry. This new opportunity for professionals to join our community breaks down barriers to membership and invites all professionals to participate in, and contribute to, the unique value of ASIS. Details and eligibility requirements for the new dues structure will be available on our website in late September.