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Victoria Nkemdilim Ogbuehi, CPP, PCI, sat down with us to discuss her upcoming webinar about managing incidents before they escalate to crisis. To learn more about the webinar on 18 June or register now, go here. 

Q: How did you become interested in crisis resolution?

A: My interest in this topic emanated from a place of concern for organizations and security professionals as a ‘Risk & Resilience’ Manager. Most organizations are not aware that a brand that was built over several years could go down the drain in a couple of minutes because of the unprofessional handling of incidents and crisis management. While incidents are inevitable crises are not. This basic understanding can go a long way in helping organizations sustain their hard-earned reputation and build resilience that would enable their quick comeback after any crisis.

Q: What advice would you give security professionals interested in crisis resolution? 


My advice for security professionals interested in attending this webinar is as follows: 

  1. They must attend with an open mind to learn new strategies for resolving crises. 
  2. They should come prepared with their questions and concerns. 
  3. The session is for everyone responsible for asset protection irrespective of the leadership level of responsibility. 

Q: Why should security professionals have crisis resolution on their radar?

A:This is a topical issue that has been with us for decades now, yet we have continued to struggle to get our acts together when it comes to crisis response or resolution. This one-hour session would be worth the commitment because it shall be unraveling the most sought-after content on crisis resolution.

Victoria Nkemdilim Ogbuehi.jpg Victoria Nkemdilim Ogbuehi, CPP, PCI, is a senior risk and resilience manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company in Lagos, Nigeria. She has been an ASIS member for close to a decade and is a member of the CSO Center.