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ASIS's globally-recognized board certifications validate security management expertise and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. We salute our newest board-certified security practitioners! We salute these security practitioners who completed their certifications in May and congratulate them on their achievement!

May 2024

James Carmen, APP
Andrew Fisher, APP
Tylan Kang, APP
Jorden McMah, APP

Douglas Babcock, CPP
Kevin Bray, CPP
Luca Brioschi, CPP
Charles Canham, CPP
Hector Cruz, CPP
Jon Davis, CPP
Christiaan Frederick De Beer, CPP
Scott DeNault, CPP
Charles L. DiSchino, CPP
Kyle DuBois, CPP
Emmanuel Ekanem, CPP
Michele Fisher, CPP, PCI
Brendan Fitchett, CPP
Gavin Frankenberg, CPP
Trent Giles, CPP
Garima Goswamy, CPP
Niall Herlehy, CPP
Roy Jeunen, CPP, PSP
Patrick Leviathan Grant, CPP
Aaron Li, CPP
Wei J. Liu, CPP
Hector R. Martinez Galvan, CPP
Shailesh Anand Mishra, CPP
Kevin Nally, CPP
Narendra Negi, CPP
Adeleye Patrick Opeyemi, CPP
Snehal Rathore, CPP
William Ratnakar, CPP
Devin Rubino, CPP
Rajkumar S, CPP
Ramon Saenz, CPP
Randy Sereetsi, CPP
Arshad Siddiqui, CPP
Andrew Speirs, CPP
Bonam Srinivasa Rao, CPP
Derrick Swim, CPP
Scott Tyrone Tulp, CPP
Muhammad Usman, CPP
Zach Westerfield, CPP
Robert B. Whiteside, CPP
Jeremy Yeomans, CPP
William You, CPP
Brian Zwiefelhofer, CPP

Hadassah Ayinza, PCI
Dellon Dellarquezza, PCI
John Gallo, PCI
Francis Obioko, PCI
Sandra Nkeiruka Okoroafor, PCI
Abraham C. Okpom, PCI
Joseph E. Redmond, CPP, PCI
Ikoyo Ufuoma, PCI