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ASIS's globally-recognized board certifications validate security management expertise and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. We salute our newest board-certified security practitioners! We salute these security practitioners who completed their certifications in April and congratulate them on their achievement!

April 2024

Lara Davis, APP
Isaak Eliezer, APP
Billy Hensley, APP
Zach Melvin, APP
Fernando Pelaez-Freire, APP
Peining Xu, APP

Anatol Adam, CPP
William Adamy, CPP
Meshal Ayedh Alghamdi, CPP
Faisal Alqarni, CPP
Matthew Bertron, CPP, PCI
Olin Curtis Blase, Jr, CPP
Henry Boisvert, CPP
Micah Brose, CPP
Timothy Chan, CPP
Bhupender Chettri, CPP
James Chisholm, CPP
Michael Clumpner, CPP
Christo Coetzee, CPP
Robert Coventry III, CPP
Nathan Cuddy, CPP
Paul Davies, CPP
Elizabeth Esparza, CPP
Cynthia Ferguson-Villa, CPP
Richard Franks, CPP
Jeremy French, CPP
Lisa Gaut, CPP
Carlos Gaviria, CPP
Luke Gordon, CPP
Walter Ising, CPP
Christophe Jolivet, CPP
James Lee, CPP
Yeong Sing Lim, CPP
Eric Miner, CPP
Md Junnun Nahid, CPP
Don Ifeanyichukwu Okereke, CPP
Jeffrey Perez, CPP
Brian Peterson, CPP
Daniel Rhatigan, CPP
Denzel Samuels, CPP
Mohammad Shahid, CPP
Shameerudeen Shamsudeen, CPP
Palwinder Singh, CPP
Amit Singh, CPP
Sarah Slenker, CPP
Ian Smith, CPP
Kotte Surendrababu, CPP
Rambeer Tanwar, CPP
Anuruddha Kumar Tiwari, CPP
Brian Jesse Wade, CPP
Scott Waite, CPP
William Wilkins, CPP

Abigail Bolaji Obafemi, PCI
Stephen G Bull, CPP, PCI, PSP
Michele Fisher, PCI
Jaden Willeiksen, PCI, PSP
Alejandro Zuleta, CPP, PCI