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roberto-chavez-rubio.jpgThe ASIS Security Leaders Mentoring Program is designed to help you advance your career and engage and connect with ASIS International's global network of security professionals. We sat down with Roberto Chávez Rubio, a current mentee in the program, to discuss his experience and what advice he has for people interested in the program. Roberto has been both an ASIS member and a mentee for three years. 

  1. What drove you to pursue ASIS Mentoring Program guidance, and what objectives or hurdles were you aiming to tackle?

I joined the ASIS mentoring program to meet experts in the industries I wanted to pivot into, to learn from them, and to understand how to apply their experience to my 10-year plan.

  1. What is a pivotal lesson or piece of advice from your mentor that profoundly shaped your career or personal development?

One of the most important lessons I learnt from my mentors was to keep a holistic approach to security, ensuring that I understand the business aspect of the industry I want to work on so I can develop my career to eventually become a senior player in my organization that not only knows about security but can pivot into strategic positions.

  1. What counsel would you give to potential ASIS Mentoring Program mentees? Any pointers for maximizing the mentorship journey?

Tailor your applications and ensure that the expertise of your potential mentors aligns with your goals. The mentors are taking their valuable time to coach you and help you, so the minimum you should do is ensure that the time you spend with them is well used by maximizing the time spent to get you closer to defining or achieving your career objectives. 

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