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In the ever-evolving landscape of smart city initiatives, convention centers are emerging as the center of gravity, Building Intelligence, Inc. and the SV3 platform is a beacon of innovation. This integrated trusted access management system, comprising the Event Management Portal, a Mobile Application, and Freight Control Center, is a game-changer in the way event logistics are managed. At its core, technology strives to deliver a seamless, secure, and data-driven experience for all stakeholders involved in convention center operations. 

Event Management Portal: Streamlining Logistics

  • Trusted Access Management
  • Effortless Event Creation
  • Loading Zone Resource Allocation
  • Reporting Insights & Analytics

The Event Management Portal is the central hub for convention center general managers, offering an intuitive interface for effortless event organization. With a single dashboard, users can oversee past, ongoing, and upcoming events in real-time, enabling efficient coordination, resource allocation, and schedule adjustments. 

One of its standout features is Trusted Access Management, empowering general managers to control access for users, general contractors, carriers, vehicles, and drivers. This enhances security and streamlines trusted personnel coordination. Event creation is straightforward, allowing detailed event specifications, general contractor assignments, and allocation of loading docks and marshaling spaces, simplifying the management of multiple events. 

The portal seamlessly integrates with data capture software, providing real-time analytics for optimized logistics and informed decision-making. Trusted Access Management follows the zero-trust principle for continuous credential verification, enhancing security. 

Mobile Application: Elevating Security

  • Streamlined Check-In
  • Trusted Driver & Vehicle
  • Secure Registration
  • Attributes-Powered Decision Matrix

In the realm of security, a mobile application is a powerful tool for streamlined driver check-in at the convention center. It caters to security personnel, accommodating both pre-scheduled and on-site registered drivers. Registered drivers on the vendor schedule can swiftly check-in by presenting their licenses for verification, while unregistered drivers can complete a simple registration form. The efficient process, with approvals from the general contractor, allows security personnel to confidently verify driver and vehicle information, enhancing security and expediting entry for authorized individuals and vehicles, leading to smoother operations. 

Freight Control Center: Orchestrating Operations 

  • Real-time Tracking & Threat Detection
  • Efficient Resource Allocation
  • Dynamic Status Updates
  • Predictive Analyitcs and Pattern Recognition

The Freight Control Center (FCC) is an innovative logistics orchestrator. General contractors access a real-time tracking system that assigns freight shipments to available docks and notifies drivers instantly. As vehicles move, the system updates their locations and delivery statuses in real time. This ensures efficient coordination and empowers contractors with data-driven decision-making. Advanced analytics powered by AI predict access patterns, streamline entry, optimize security resources, and identify anomalies for proactive security measures. 

Benefits: A New Era of Efficiency 

Convention centers can reap multiple benefits from this system, transcending the conventional way of managing event logistics. 

  • Logistics: Streamlined logistics with real-time tracking and resource allocation ensure smooth events and optimal loading dock usage, minimizing congestion.
  • Operations: Advanced trusted access management via the mobile app expedites driver check-in, enhancing efficiency and security.
  • Security: Proactive security with stringent verification and continuous attribute evaluation minimizes vulnerabilities and unauthorized access risk.

In conclusion, this innovative approach transforms convention centers, revolutionizing logistics, optimizing operations, and enhancing security. The system takes a holistic approach, integrating security, operational efficiency, privacy preservation, and meaningful reporting. It empowers users with real-time insights for data-driven decision-making, ushering in a new era of efficiency and excellence in event management. Convention centers implementing this are poised to lead the industry, offering a seamless, secure, and data-enhanced experience for all stakeholders. 


bill edwards.jpgBill Edwards, CPP, PCI, PSP is the president of Building Intelligence Inc.










AustinFrasco-profile.jpgAustin Frasco is a project manager at Building Intelligence, Inc., and the lead for advanced trusted access management solutions for conventions centers.