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As we close out 2023, we wanted to take a moment to thank all ofour volunteers for an outstanding year. Together we hosted events and trainings around the world focused on supporting those who make the world a safer place. From engaging the next generation of security professionals to connecting women in security; from 5 regional conferences to oneunforgettable GSX; from over 200 mentoring relationships to more than 11,000 discussion posts in ASIS Connects; from the development of CPP, PCI, and PSP practice tests to new certification guidance and requirements for those transitioning from military to security management and those just entering the profession; from hosting 53 webinars to collaborating on the development and launch of 2 new certificates, 1 new standard and another 4 on the horizon - as well as countless Security Management articles! We could not achieve what we have without this community and the volunteers who lead it.

A huge shout out to our outgoing leadership, many of whom will take on new leadership opportunities in 2024.

Outgoing Volunteer Leadership

Tim McCreight, CPP – ASIS 2023 President
Brian J Allen, CPP – Past Chair, ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees
Werner J Cooreman, CPP, PSP – Past Chair, Professional Standards Board

North American Regional Board of Directors 
Donna Kobzaruk – Chair  
Richard L Duncan, CPP - Director  

European Regional Board of Directors 
Christina Alexander Alexandropoulou - Director  

CSO Center Board 
Dr Oscar Odom, III - Director 

ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees 
Maria Teresa Septien, CPP – Chair  
Victoria O Ekhomu, CPP – Director  
Ben Suurd, CPP – Director  

Professional Certification Board 
Phillip L Bratton, CPP, PSP – Chair  
Vasiles Kiosses, CPP, PSP – Director  
Kevin E Peterson, CPP – Director  
Jeffrey S Leonard, CPP, PSP – Director  

Professional Standards Board 
Lisa C. DuBrock, CPP – Chair 

Awards Committee 
Michael J King, CPP, PCI, PSP   
Christian M Read, CPP  
Brent A Warzocha, PSP  
Susan Coleman  
Deyanira Juliet Murga  
Mike C Petty 

Senior Regional Vice Presidents 
Musa A Balogun, CPP, PCI, PSP – Group 11  
Jason Caissie, CPP, PCI, PSP – Group 6  
Susan Coleman – Group 1  
Mark A Hammargren, CPP – Group 3  
Stephen J Molinelli, CPP, PSP – Group 5  
Douglas S Riggin – Group 4  
Larry K Stanley, CPP – Group 2  

Regional Vice Presidents 
Christopher Scott Black, PSP – Region 3D
David J Blake, CPP, PSP – Region 4A
Rebecca Bolante – Region 1B
Yan Byalik, CPP – Region 5A
Frank Catalano, CPP – Region 5D
Christopher Clarke, CPP, PSP – Region 6A
Jordan Cote, CPP – Region 1F
Ricky R Davis – Region 4B
Michael J Delamere – Region 1A
Terence E De Niro, CPP, PSP – Region 1C
Jennifer Goba, CPP, PCI – Region 5F
Anthony W Haney, CPP – Region 2C
William A Honeycutt – Region 2D
Jordan A Lippel, CPP – Region 1D
Kash Logan – Region 3B
Joseph Moon – Region 3C
Christian Read, CPP – Region1E
Jody Reid, CPP – Region 6C
Phillip L Rizzo – Region 2F
Julie Schneider, CPP – Region 2B
Valerie Scott – Region 4C
Scott W Taylor, CPP – Region 15B
Brent A Warzocha, PSP – Region 5E
Chad C Wehrman, CPP – Region 2G
Steven Wilk, CPP – Region 3A

Community Steering Committee Leadership 
Michael Anderson, CPP, PSP - Chair - Physical Security  
John Bekisz, Jr, PSP - Chair - Security Architecture and Engineering  
Leon Beresford, CPP, PCI, PSP - Chair - Security Services 
Harold Box - Vice Chair - Retail Asset Protection 
Neil Carmichael, ITPM - Chair - Sensitive Information Protection 
Stephanie Clarke - Chair - Banking and Financial Services 
William Cousins, CPP - Vice Chair - Cannabis Security 
Robert Currie - Chair - Crisi Management and Business Continuity 
Brittany Galli - Chair - Women in Security 
Sandy Gosselin, CPP - Petrochemical, Chemical, and Extractive Industry Security 
Marilyn Hollier, CPP - Chair - Healthcare Security 
Ross Johnson, CPP - Vice Chair - Critical Infrastructure  
Eric Kanagy - Chair - Fire and Life Safety 
Todd Lacy, CPP - Chair - Cultural Properties 
Paul Mercer - Chair - Enterprise Security Risk Management 
Drew Neckar, CPP - Chair - School Safety and Security  
James Neville, CPP - Chair - Supply Train and Transportation Security  
David Paulos - Chair - Commercial Real Estate 
Basia Pietrawska - Chair - Retail Asset Protection 
Amy Poole - Vice Chair - Enterprise Security Risk Management 
Timothy Sutton, CPP, PCI, PSP - Chair - Cannabis Security 
Jon Viola, CPP, PCI, PSP - Chair - Hospitality, Entertainment, and Tourism Security 
Jonathan Wackrow - Chair - Executive Protection  
Richard Wright - Vice Chair - Crisis Management and Business Continuity 
Mark Wygonik, CPP, PSP - Chair - Critical Infrastructure 
Ms Hwee-Fong Yong, APP - Vice Chair - Fire and Life Safety