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Intellectual Property Protection Community Rebrands to Sensitive Information Protection Community 

The ASIS International’s Intellectual Property Protection Community (IPPC) has been an enthusiastic and effective contributor and ambassador to the broader ASIS community. We regularly host community events with subject matter expert speakers, and we partner with other communities and chapters to deliver exceptional content for our community. 

However, the name of our community, “Intellectual Property Protection Community,” did not accurately describe the scope and breadth of our community. We are pleased to announce that our name has changed to Sensitive Information Protection. This new name better encompasses the breadth of areas covered by the community, including intellectual property. 

The Sensitive Information Protection Community aims to promote information sharing, education, and best practices to assist organizations with sensitive information, intangible assets, and privacy data from unauthorized, inappropriate, malicious, or criminal disclosure or acquisition and other risks. 

While this community focuses on Sensitive Information Protection in any form (data, voice, paper, etc.), it also touches on several other ASIS communities, including:



Banking & Financial Services 

Customer information, M&A, other deals 

Critical Infrastructure Protection 

Grid or transmission information, transportation 

Executive Protection 

Secure voice or other communications 



Human Threat 

Information exfiltration (i.e., Snowden) 

Information Technology Security 

Data theft or exfiltration by third party actors 

Operational Intelligence 

Threat intelligence related to third party actors 

Pharmaceutical Security 


Supply Chain & Transportation 

Schedules & manifests; Counterfeiting 


Information that would allow disruption to power, water, etc. 



Security Applied Science Community Rebrands to Emerging Technology Community 

ASIS International’s Security Applied Science Community (SASC) was created to identify the technology that is going to change the security industry five years out. The community is made up of members who are typically early adopters and want to know the technology that is going to revolutionize the industry. 

The problem we found was that there were very few who knew what Applied Sciences meant and therefore we were not relevant to the membership as a whole. It is time for a change. After receiving approval from the ASIS Global Board, the Security Applied Sciences Community will now be called the Emerging Technology Community. 

“We felt that the name Applied Sciences was confusing and ambiguous to what the community’s focus was,” says Jon Polly, who serves as the Emerging Technology Community as its current chair. “To be relevant to the members and the industry, we felt that a name common to all in the industry that better represented our community was needed. Our goals will stay the same, to provide experts and information on cutting edge technologies.” 

The focus of the Emerging Technology Community is to empower members with knowledge as the security industry continues to innovate. For more information visit the Emerging Technology Community on ASIS Connects. In addition, check out the entire roster of 38 ASIS communities. Some are focused on particular industries, others on specific security disciplines. All are open to any ASIS member and are built to foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and, well, community. 


Learn more about the Sensitive Information Protection and the Emerging Technology communities, and check out the entire roster of ASIS communities at