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ASIS's globally-recognized board certifications validate security management expertise and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. We salute our newest board-certified security practitioners! We salute these security practitioners who completed their certifications in April and congratulate them on their achievement!

April 2023

Carl Baker, APP
Shannon R. Barnett, APP
Trevor Canfield, APP
Patrick Forget, APP
Eric Gardner, APP
Savannah Hicks, APP
Taylor Hodges, APP
Nick Hoogedoorn, APP
Isaac McGuire, APP
Zachary Rodgers, APP
Pedro Santos Olmedo, APP
Dana Zaher, APP

Mohammed Hamid Ageel, CPP
Jamal Alferdos, CPP
Jared Bailey, CPP
Nick Belcher, CPP
Brett Blackwell, CPP, PSP
Paul Brewitt, CPP
Michael Campbell, CPP
Ravi Pratap Chauhan, CPP
Julien Ciman, CPP
Charlotte Culling, CPP
Leonard Dalton, CPP
Gary Deel, CPP, PCI, PSP
Oladejo Farinto Stephen, CPP
Yi Ling Foong, CPP
Timothy Gaynor, CPP
Cole Gonchar, CPP
Justin M Hebert, CPP, PSP
Adam Kennell, CPP
Mohd Rouf Khan, CPP
M. Jidesh Krishnan, CPP
Christopher B. Lees, CPP
Vincent Lucero, CPP
Garrett Male, CPP, PSP
Todd Mason, CPP
Benjamin Mills, CPP
Michael Mitchell, CPP
Stephen Sila Mulinge, CPP
Brian Nekurak, CPP
Jaap Noordhoek, CPP
Brian Norwood, CPP, PCI
Jared C. Oakden, PSP, CPP
Christopher Petko, CPP
Manoj PR, CPP
Jeremy Reaves, CPP
Justo Rivera, CPP, PSP
Avinash Sahani, CPP
CS Shiv Prasad, CPP
Tamás Sipos, CPP
Tirson Orlando Soto Vargas, CPP
Jared Suits, CPP
Michael Syrax, CPP
Willy Tanui, CPP
Sunil Taragi, CPP
Allan Topher, CPP, PSP
Rogelio Vargas, Jr., CPP
Michael Walsingham, CPP, PCI, PSP
Raviprakash R. Yadav, CPP
Alejandro Zuleta, CPP

Saeed Alshehri, APP, PCI
Eric Comeau, PCI
Cecily Genis, PCI
Alan L. Hill, CPP, PCI
William J. Jarvis, CPP, PCI
Bernadette B. King, PCI
Nigel Parris, CPP, PCI
Theo Stainer, PCI
Eagle Tovar, PCI

Dieter W. Arendt, CPP, PSP
Narendra Raj Bohara, PSP
Daniel Bradley, PSP
Anthony D'Amico, PSP
Mark J. Folmer, CPP, PSP
Nicholas Harland, PSP
Mohamad Hussein, PSP
Roueida Kassis, PSP
George Kobani, CPP, PCI, PSP
Colin Mooney, CPP, PSP
Evan Nielson, PSP
Keith A. Rapp, CPP, PSP
Carolyn Sakeena Sa, PSP
Andrew Stevenson, PSP
Mithilesh Raj Sugumar, APP, PSP
Edina Krisztina Torkos, CPP, PSP