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Ubuntu – I am because we are! This African philosophy shared by ASIS President Malcolm Smith perfectly captures ASIS’ gratitude for those members who serve in volunteer roles to support not only the association and the profession – but each of our 34,000 members. All that has been achieved in 2022 could not have without the dedication, expertise, and ingenuity from over 1500 ASIS volunteers.

We want to take a moment to thank our outgoing volunteers. Thank you for your years of commitment and leadership!

Please take a moment to shout out on social media a volunteer who made a difference in your profession!

Outgoing 2022 Volunteer Leaders

Global Board of Directors Outgoing Members
Malcolm Smith, CPP – ASIS 2022 President
Chiko Scozzafava – Director
M. Brian Reid, CPP – Director
Scott A Lowther, CPP, PCI – Past Chair, CSO Center
Joseph Lee Rector, CPP, PCI, PSP – Past Chair, PCB

North American Regional Board Outgoing Members
Maria G Dominguez, CPP – Director
Jeffrey A Slotnick, CPP, PSP – Director

CSO Center Board Outgoing Members
Lisa M Oliveri, CPP, PCI – Chair
Martin Barye-Garcia – Director
Karen A Frank, CPP – Director
Brian H Reich, CPP – Director

Foundation Board of Trustees Outgoing Members
David A Bareno, CPP – Director
Joseph N Masciocco – Director
Bryn M Palena – Director

Professional Certification Board Outgoing Members
Joshua Villines, CPP, PCI, PSP – Chair
Michael Brzozowski, CPP, PSP – Director

Professional Standards Board Outgoing Members
Peter Tan, CPP, PCI, PSP – Director

Global Board Nominating Committee Outgoing Members
John Petruzzi, CPP –  Chair
Werner Cooreman, CPP – Participant

European Regional Board Nominating Committee Outgoing Members
Feride Yildirim, CPP –  Participant
David Crevillen – Participant

North American Regional Board Nominating Committee Outgoing Members
Sean Spence, APP –  Participant
Lisa Terry, CPP – Participant

Regional Leadership Outgoing Members
Danny Y Chan – Senior Regional Vice President, Group 13
Mark L Gaudette, CPP – Senior Regional Vice President, Group 5
Christopher Raymond Solomon, CPP – Senior Regional Vice President, Group 10
Laura C Armour, CPP – Regional Vice President, 1C
Khalid A Buali, CPP – Regional Vice President, 12A
Jessica M Bullerman – Regional Vice President, 2A
Catherina Castiglione – Regional Vice President, 2D
Garan M Chivinski, PCI, PSP – Regional Vice President, 2B 
Eric Davoine, CPP – Regional Vice President, 9A
Paul Devassy – Regional Vice President, 13A
Ann-Sofie Ljungfelt, CPP – Regional Vice President, 9B
Melissa Mack, CPP – Regional Vice President, 3C
Stephen J Molinelli, CPP, PSP – Regional Vice President, 5C
Juan Muñoz, CPP – Regional Vice President, 9C
Pedro A Sanabria, CPP – Regional Vice President, 7A
Teresa Swarczinski, CPP – Regional Vice President, 2E
Willem G Teuben, CPP – Regional Vice President, 7B

Community Leadership Outgoing Members
Christopher J DiMartino, CPP, PCI – Community Vice President
Briane M Grey, PCI – Community Vice President
Leonard Ong, CPP – Community Vice President
Berndt Rif, CPP, PCI – Community Vice President
Mark Schreiber, CPP – Community Vice President
Omar Valdemar, CPP – Community Vice President
Mark G Allen, CPP - Military Liaison
Marc Bognar, CPP - Security Services
Michael Center - Extremism and Political Instability
Donald R Childers - Gaming and Wagering Protection
Jonathan G Fitz-Enz - Defense and Intelligence
Jerry A Heying, CPP - Executive Protection
Myrah L Kirkwood, CPP - Human Threat Management
Jacob D Maenner, Sr, CPP, PSP - Professional Development
Neil M Parker - NextGen
Karl Perman - Investigations
Frank Pisciotta - Food Defense and Agriculture Security
Werner Preining, CPP - Crisis Management and Business Continuity
Cheryl M Stone - Defense and Intelligence
Paul M Sweeney, CPP - Law Enforcement Liaison
Oscar Villanueva, PCI - Crime Prevention
Nick L Weber, CPP, PCI, PSP - Utilities Security
Drew Weston, CPP - Security Applied Sciences
Coleman L Wolf, CPP - Information Technology Security

Though many of you will serve in new roles in 2023 – we thank you for the work you’ve led leading through 2022!