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Encompassing 180+ sessions tackling vital issues in the security profession, the newly announced GSX session lineup includes in-depth looks at timely issues within the following themes: Risk Management, Information Security, National Security, Physical & Operational Security, Managing Organizations, Digital Transformation, Law & Ethics, and Crime. GSX will also feature three unique keynote speakers. Read on for a closer look at these dynamic keynotes and register for GSX 2022 today.


Monday 12 September: “Everybody Can Change the World,” by Mateo Salvatto, Head of Innovation for ORT Schools & CEO of Asteroid Technologies.

Young tech entrepreneur and social influencer Mateo Salvatto will share his journey transitioning from an average high-school student into one of Argentina’s most respected tech businessmen through the creation of Háblalo, an app that assists more than 250,000 people globally who have hearing loss and verbal communication disabilities. Through an emotional series of stories of those challenged by their communication abilities and often taken for granted, Mateo will demonstrate how his passion for robotics and technology led to a series of developments that can help empower disabled people all over the world - and convince us that changing the world is easier than we may think.


Tuesday 13 September: “Validating Security Controls – Taking ‘We Think’ to ‘We Know,’” by Jake Williams, Executive Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence for SCYTHE.

We all have security controls in place that we hope are detecting or blocking threat actor behaviors. But do they? Which behaviors? How do you know? If one of your security controls fails, will the activity still be detected? Traditionally, security control testing has been performed by red team operators. Unfortunately, these are point-in-time assessments. Ideally, the red team would be involved in revalidating the control with every software update or configuration change, but this is often cost prohibitive. During this session, Jake will help define the value proposition for security control validation and provide advice on how to operationalize and scale the practice. The next time an executive catches you in the hall worried about something they read about an incident at a competitor, you can confidently say "don't worry, we *know* we'd detect that."


Wednesday 14 September: “A Pathway to Courageous Conversations,” by Derreck Kayongo, Former CEO for Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Has anyone ever calculated the total cost of discrimination in the workplace? Derreck tackles the subject head-on by sharing how his organization found itself grappling with the issue. He takes his audience through an examination of how diversity and inclusion problems can impact your corporate bottom line. From long-term harm to your brand and weakened stock prices to negative perceptions within the security community, Derreck illustrates with eye-opening examples, how our upbringing and unconscious biases can become a net negative to organizational growth and have a negative impact on the bottom-line.