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This year we recognize individuals who are celebrating 25 or 50 continuous years as a member of ASIS International. These anniversaries are globally celebrated with silver and gold—noting their rarity and extraordinary achievement. As we salute their involvement in ASIS International, we recognize just how significant their commitment is to the profession.

In 1971, the Aswan High Dam in Egypt was officially opened, Apollo 14 landed on the moon, and Led Zeppelin played for the first time “Stairway to Heaven.” ASIS International was only 16 years in formation.

In 1996, DVDs launched in Japan, Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be successfully cloned, and Kofi Annan was appointed Head of the UN.

These now distant memories our members witnessed and played a part in as security management began to play a greater role in protecting our world’s natural assets, cultural landmarks, and great achievements. These members made a commitment to a safer tomorrow in building a community of security professionals who were not only informed, but influential in the creation of resources, guidelines, and later, certifications that would standardize our profession.

We recognize and thank them collectively—though each has individually shaped security management and this association. If attending Global Security Exchange (GSX) in person, please visit the ASIS Hub (Booth #232) to view these member names displayed on our wall of honor. If you know one of these members, we encourage you to reach out with our personal words of thanks.

From ASIS—we thank you for your commitment, your mentorship, and your impact. We celebrate your significant achievement in building this community over the last 25 (and the last 50!) years.

ASIS 50th Anniversary Members

Ms. Helen E Bateman Mr. Norman R Goldman Mr. John B Simons, CPP
Mr. Silas E Cooper, CPP Mr. Charles L Miller, Jr Mr. Paul S Uitti
Mr. Daniel J D'Errico, CPP Mr. Carl G Newby, CPP  

ASIS 25th Anniversary Members

Dr. Steven F Albrecht, CPP Mr. Scott W Fixmer, CPP Mr. Raymundo B Oliveira, CPP
Mr. Khalil I Al-Mulla Ms. Dana M Frentz, PSP Mr. Andrew N Ondich, CPP
Mr. James G Antal, CPP Mr. Anthony Matthew Frusco Mr. Stefano Ottanelli
Mr. Simon R Antersijn Dr. Eduardo Martinez Fulgencio, CPP Dr. Tom E Payne
Mr. Lee Choon-Wai Anthony, CPP, PSP Mr. Scott R Gane, CPP Mr. Robert L Pence
Mr. Krishnamoorthy Arunasalam, CPP Ms. Lisa D George, CPP, CPP Ms. Susan M Peterson
Mr. Narihiko Aso Ms. Judy L Gibb, CPP Mr. Russ Phillips
Mr. Paul H H Aube Mr. Christopher R Ginsberg, CPP Dr. Susan L Pickman
Mr. Manuel E Avila, CPP Mr. Kenneth M Glantz, CPP Mr. Brian W Possi
Mr. John C Azbill, CPP Mr. Steven J Glynn Mr. Chris Pritchard
Mr. Jason R Ball, PSP Mr. Nathan Goff, Sr Mr. Timothy K Quinn
Mr. William R Banks Mr. Jay N Gruber, CPP Mr. John B Rabun, Jr
Mr. David W Barnard Mr. George D Guillory, CPP Mr. David C Rambo, CPP
Mr. David G Baughman Mr. Bruce L Gundy Mr. George Raposa
Mr. Paul Fischer Benne, PSP Mr. Jeff Gurule, CPP Mr. Max R Reidy, CPP
Mr. Christopher B Berry, CPP Mr. Gregg M Hall Mr. Kirk D Rhodes, CPP
Mr. W. Todd Best, CPP Mr. William R Halliday Mr. Kelly E Riddle
Mr. Michael D Betten, CPP Mr. Loren D Hansen, CPP Mr. Thomas B Roepke, CPP
Mr. Gregory W Bialata Mr. Larry W Hardin, Jr Mr. Ronald S Ross
Mr. Eric C Biernat, CPP Mr. Stephen J Heidke Mr. Terrence L Ruddick
Mr. Alfonso E Bilbao-Iglesias Mr. Tony C Heroff, CPP Mr. Marc T Ryan, CPP
Mr. Jim R Black, CPP, PSP Mr. Billy R Hodge, CPP Mr. Larry R Ryhorski
Mr. Jerry Thomas Blanchard, Jr, CPP Mr. Eric Hoffman Mr. Thomas J Sbordone, CPP
Mr. Derek J Bliss, CPP Mr. Keith A Howse, Esq, CPP Mr. Kenneth M Scott, CPP
Mr. Nathan S Boberg, CPP Mr. Scott Jack, CPP Ms. MaryAnn Seery
Mr. Derk J Boss, CPP Mr. Paul Jackson Ms. Pamela J Segers
Mr. Barry A Bradley Mr. Keith C James, CPP, PCI, PSP Mr. Jorge C. Septien, CPP
Mr. Douglas J Buffington, CPP Dr. Roger G Johnston, CPP Mr. Joseph P Serylo, CPP
Mr. David A Bunch, CPP Mr. Terry L Jones, CPP Mr. George A. Shaffer, CPP
Mr. Nick Burma Mr. Ernest O Joy, Jr Ms. Diane Shedlock
Mrs. Lillian Burroughs Mr. Thomas J Kane, CPP Mr. Steven J Siegel
Mr. George Caballero Mr. Edward Kern, CPP Mr. Curt Snyder, CPP
Mr. Miguel A Calix Mr. John J Kolb, CPP Mr. Gregory P Staisiunas, CPP
Mr. Bruce A Canal, CPP Mr. Darrell T Kouba Mr. Paul J Steiner, Jr, CPP
Mr. Thomas R Carter, CPP Mr. Michael A Kyne Mr. Thomas Stone
Mr. James J Cartwright, CPP Mr. Richard Lagg, CPP Mr. Robert A Storer, CPP
Mr. Terry A Celori, CPP Mr. Pierre Lalonde Mr. Jeremy P Sturgeon, CPP
Mr. John R Chapin, CPP Mr. Eric D Langevin, CPP Mr. Isac Tabib
Mr. Michael Clancy, CPP Mr. Gary Raymond Larson Ms. Michelle L Thomas
Mr. Perry Chad Clayton, CPP Mr. Edward S Layo, CPP Mr. Christopher J Thompson
Mr. Jimmy L Clifton Mr. Philip A Lessard Mr. Chris W Toliver
Mr. David L Cohen, CFE, LPD Mr. Scott D Lindahl, CPP Mr. John E Turey, CPP
Mr. Dan P Collins, CPP Mr. Lawrence F Loesch, Jr, CPP Mr. Daniel C Ulrich, CPP
Mr. Steven A Contezac Ms. Deborah J Lynn Mr. Ray Van Hook, CPP
Ms. Jessica E Corey, CPP Mr. Larry C Madigan Mr. Stephen L Van Zwieten, CPP
Dr. Terri M Curran, CPP Mr. Randy G Mann Mr. Robert C Vance, III, CPP
Mr. Darin E Cygan Mr. Brian P Mathieu Mr. Peter A Vegso
Mr. Craig C Dacher, CPP Mr. F. L Mattress, Jr, CPP Ms. Victoria A Vernau, CPP
Mr. David J Dailey, II, CPP Mr. Scott R McArthur, CPP Mr. Paulo C Viana
Mr. James P Dale, CPP Mr. Walter J McIrney Mr. Joseph M Ward, CPP
Mr. Randall S Davis Mr. David N McKeen Mr. Charles L Washington, CPP
Mr. Wayne Day Mr. Jim McMahon, CPP Mr. Scott A Watson, CPP
Mr. William E DeGenaro Mr. Daniel J Mendelson Mr. Paul G Wellborn, CPP
Ms. Carol S Dodgen Mr. David J Miller Mr. Donald A Wenz
Mr. Joseph I Dominguez Mr. Claude Minisini Mr. Steven D White
Mr. Warren P Duane, CPP Mr. Hamilton Mixon Mr. Arnold Wicker, Sr, CPP
Ms. Christina Duffey, CPP Mr. Bruce C Modjeska Mr. Donald S Williams, CPP
Mr. Jayson W Duley, CPP Mr. Stephen T Monty, CPP Mr. Michael A Williamson
Mr. William V Durso, Jr, CPP Mr. Phil G Mooney Mr. David H Wilson, CPP
Mr. Bill Enright Mr. Cole Morris, CPP Mr. William A Wylie
Mr. Wilson O Esangbedo, CPP Mr. Francisco J. Muñoz, CPP Mr. Scott A Ziter
Mr. David C Feller, CPP Ms. Carla Naude, CPP  
Dr. Bertus R Ferreira, CPP Mr. Gil Neuman