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What a year it has been! Despite the challenges of 2020 (and 2021), ASIS members around the globe doubled-down on their efforts over the past year to realize remarkable achievements and contributions to both ASIS and the security management profession. From individual volunteers assuming expanded leadership roles to chapters nimbly transitioning from in-person to virtual events to organizations reaffirming their commitment to certification programs, ASIS members demonstrated that we truly are #StrongerTogether. 

The annual ASIS Awards of Excellence celebrate the important work and accomplishments of these members worldwide. We honor them not only for their accomplishments but also to share their efforts and to recognize that they set the standard for the industry.  

Learn more about this year's winners and their accomplishments.

Individual Awards 

President’s Award of Merit 

  • Dana W. Adams, CPP 
  • Jaime P. Owens, CPP 

Don Walker CSO Center Security Executive Award 

Joe M. Olivarez, Jr. 

E.J. Criscuoli, Jr., CPP, Volunteer Leadership Award 

Dr. Ronald Lee Martin, CPP, CPOI 

Ralph Day Memorial Security Officer Heroism Award 

  • Jacqueline Green, Sunstates Security 
  • Irving Wallace, Securitas (Honorable Mention) 
  • David Powell, Hawkeye Security (Honorable Mention) 

Roy N. Bordes, CPP Community Member Award of Excellence 

Omar Valdemar, CPP 

Women in Security Global Community Karen Marquez Honors 

Lynda L. Buel, CPP  

Young Professional of the Year Award 

Angela J. Osborne, CPP, PCI, PSP 

Chapter Awards 

I.B. Hale Chapter of the Year Award 

  • Jamaica 
  • Lima, Peru 
  • Phoenix 
  • United Kingdom 
  • Mexico City (Honorable Mention) 
  • New Delhi, India (Honorable Mention) 
  • Toronto (Honorable Mention) 

Chapter Communications Award 

  • Jamaica 
  • Singapore 
  • Ukraine 
  • Mid-Michigan (Honorable Mention) 
  • North Florida (Honorable Mention) 
  • New Zealand (Honorable Mention) 
  • Mexico City (Honorable Mention) 
  • United Kingdom (Honorable Mention) 

Outstanding New/Revitalized Chapter Award 


Chapter Community Service Award 

  • Middle Tennessee 
  • New Delhi, India 

Certification Awards 

PBC Regional Certification Award 

  • Daniel Jimenez, CPP, PSP (Region 8B, Chapter 225)  
  • Melvin Tze-Hui Cheng, CPP, PSP (Region 13B, Chapter 78)  
  • Abdullah Alshehri, CPP, PCI, PSP (Region 12A, Chapter 194)  
  • Jason Michael Struck, CPP, PSP (Region 4A, Chapter 49)  
  • Elroy L. Shirvington, CPP (Region 4A, Chapter 49)  
  • Larry D. Woods, CPP, PSP (Region 4A, Chapter 49) 
  • Macky Diop, CPP (Region 4A, Chapter 49)  
  • Jose Wilson Massa, CPP (Region 8A, Chapter 214)  
  • Tom Kipyegon, CPP, PCI, PSP (Region 10A, Chapter 269)  
  • Thamer Hussain Al-sufiani, CPP, PCI, PSP (Region 12A, Chapter 194)  

PCB Organizational Award of Merit 

KAUST Gov. Affairs & Security - Region 12A, Chapter 194 

Foundation and Publication Awards 

Outstanding Regional Foundation Supporter 

Latin America (Groups 7 and 8) 

ASIS Foundation Public Private Partnership in Excellence Grant in honor of Matthew Simeone  

Hanover County Sheriff's Office SHIELD, Captain Terry Sullivan; nominated by the Richmond, VA Chapter  

Security Industry Book of the Year 

Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment: The Definitive Threat Identification and Threat Reduction Handbook by Ernie Hayden, PSP