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​​​ASIS congratulates all award winners at the 63rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, TX, USA. To download high-resolution​​ photos of all award presentations, visit the ASIS 2017 Flickr album​.

I.B. Hale Chapter of the Year

​ Mexico City Chapter​ (view the video)

National Capital Chapter (view the video)

Chapter Website of the Year​

​​​​Lima, Peru Chapter​​​​​

Victoria, Australia Chapter​

Montreal Chapter

​​​​Mexico City Chapter​

​​​​Boston​ Chapter​

Chapter​ Newsletter of the Year

​​​​​​​Florida West Coast​ Chapter​

National Capital Chapter

Chapter​ Community Service Award

Providence Chapter

Phoenix Chapter

​​Don Walker Award for Enterprise Security Executive Leadership 

Raymond T. O'Hara

​Presidential Award of Merit

Joseph N. Masciocco

Les Cole, CPP (accepted by Don Knox, CPP)

Roy N. Bordes​ Council Memb​er of Excellence Award

Doug Powell, CPP, PSP (view the video)

E.J. Criscuoli Jr., CPP, Volunteer Leadership Award

Dr. Rolf Sigg (view the video​)

​Organizational Award of Merit

Guidepost Solutions; Tech Systems​

Matt Simeone P3 Excellence Award

Capital Crossroads and Discovery SID Program, Columbus Police Department

Transitions Ad Hoc Council Certification Scholarships

Lieutenant Chapin T. Jones; Officer Henry K.S. Chong; Lieutenant Brian T. Woods

Military Liaison Certification Scholarships​

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kwegyir Sagoe; Master Sergeant Liviu Ivan; Lieutenant Colonel Eric Minor; Lieutenant Colonel Richard Cobba-Eshun