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The Art & Science of Tomorrow’s Security Culture: An Emerging World

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The ASIS Supply Chain and Transportation Security Council's webinar series continues its focus on the drivers for more robust industry standards (TAPA & CTPAT) and geopolitical security risks in the supply chain and transit security.

And then there is the supply chain risk in the whirl of automation, digital transformation, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will shape and re-orient the role of security in all business sectors both cyber and physical.

This webinar is the second installment of the ASIS Supply Chain and Transportation Security Council's 3-part series.  Part one originally aired 27 March 2019 and is available on-demand in The Learning Exchange.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Define key terms and concepts related to supply chain and transit security management principles.
  • Explain transit security challenges related to the confluence of physical & cybersecurity.
  • Describe the steps of professional emergency management pertaining to the prevention, mitigation, response and recovery from hazards.

Credit Information

CPE credits for ASIS-sponsored webinars will be updated in your user profile within 48 hours of completion.  Self-reporting of CPE credits is not required.

Anthony “Tony” Pelli

Supply Chain Risk Consultant

BSI Group

Bruce Wimmer

Corporate Risk Services


Aston Green

Executive Officer/Deputy Chief

LA Metro