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CCTV/Digital Video

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Earn up to 22 CPE CREDITS

Self paced online training with interactive audiovisual content including animations and hands on experience, pre-test and a post-test. You can also collaborate with other students through discussion forums and maintain e-mail contact with instructors.

Course Objectives

  • Get a complete and comprehensive understanding of a CCTV system. Learning the key CCTV concepts and the basics of all the components used in a CCTV system including IP, HD and HD Co-ax systems.

  • Learn the latest technologies used in a CCTV system like understanding bandwidth/resolution, video analytics, high definition, video compression, lighting and the latest products like megapixel cameras, video management systems and storage systems.

  • Understand the principle, types, features, how to choose, install and trouble shoot for each CCTV component like cameras, lenses, video management system (VMS), transmission systems, monitors, CCTV accessories and recording systems.

  • Get a step-by-step understanding of the CCTV installation process including mounting of equipment, cabling, testing & commissioning and maintenance.

  • Understand the CCTV system design process including CCTV survey and various CCTV applications.