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Secure Horizons: An Immersive Experience for Senior Security Executives

GSX Pre-Conference Program | 21-22 September 2024 in Orlando, FL

Chief Security Officers (CSOs) are leading in more non-traditional industries, with varied work styles, personalities, goals, and backgrounds than ever before. To meet the needs of the developing and diverse senior security executive group, ASIS International is offering an exclusive two-day intensive program prior to GSX which will provide senior security executives an opportunity to contribute to high-level content, discussion, and networking through designed collaboration, experiential learning, and contemporary case studies.

As a Secure Horizons attendee, you also get access to secure a hotel accommodation at one of our GSX priority hotels if you book by 30 June. Plus, if you register by 30 June, you'll get entered into a drawing to win a complimentary All-Access pass to GSX—for you or a peer!

$725 for members | $935 for nonmembers

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*Registration is through the GSX registration portal. Once you click "attendee registration", you will see an option to register for Secure Horizons: An Immersive Experience for Senior Security Executives.

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About the Event

The face of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) is changing. Today, there are more women, international and next generation professionals pursuing roles in the security industry. CSOs are leading in more non-traditional industries, with varied work styles, personalities, goals, and backgrounds than ever before. To meet the needs of this developing and diverse group, join other senior security executives for an exclusive opportunity prior to GSX.

The two-day experience will encourage insights, skills, and networking to elevate the status of security professionals in the C-suite and beyond.

In an inclusive and welcoming environment, the CSO program will provide an opportunity for participants to contribute to high-level content, discussion, and networking through designed collaboration, experiential learning, and contemporary case studies.

You will earn 10 CPEs for participating in the program.

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Who Should Attend

CSO Center members are a diverse, self-selecting group of leaders who share a common desire to be inspired, explore new possibilities, and make meaningful connections. For those who are already CSO members or senior security executives considering joining the CSO Center, this two-day intensive program will support senior security executives through content and networking.

Not a CSO Center member? Learn more and apply today.

Have questions about the program? Please reach out to the CSO Center at [email protected].


Program Overview

Day One: Saturday, 21 September 2024

01:00 pm - 01:15 pm | Welcome and Overview of Program Objectives and Outcomes

01:15 pm - 02:30 pm | The Critical Thinking Advantage (Part 1)

Leading well requires thinking well. Succeeding in any business leadership role requires you to think critically, and make quality decisions with and on behalf of organizational stakeholders, even in the face of challenges such as imperfect/incomplete information, changing and unforeseen circumstances, and, of course, human nature in all of its complexity and unpredictability.

Designed to lay the foundation for the weekend's immersive experience, this interactive half-day workshop will help CSOs recognize and avoid reasoning flaws and the forces that make us most susceptible to those flaws, approach business problems systematically, thoroughly, and strategically, and produce a problem solution that is well-reasoned, well-received, and able to be successfully implemented.

Learning Objectives:
  • Differentiate when to think critically and when to act quickly
  • Explore key obstacles to critical thinking, including confirmation bias
  • Introduce tools for identifying information gaps, distinguishing assumptions from information

02:30 pm - 02:45 pm | Break

02:45 pm - 05:15 pm | The Critical Thinking Advantage (Part 2)

Given the acquired tools and strategic framework presented, CSOs will take part in a calculated discussion connecting back-to-back case studies to deliver a solution that is systematically driven, logically argued, responsive to anticipated risks, and inclusive of the benefits outlined. They will leave with a set of practical tools to apply to complex problems that most benefit from a systematic, critically thoughtful, and strategically minded analysis.

Learning Objectives:
  • Apply tools for identifying information gaps, distinguishing assumptions from information
  • Utilize the "Context + IDEALS" Framework for critically thoughtful, strategic problem-solving
  • Acquire concrete tools to apply to complex problems that benefit from an intelligent and informed process

05:15 pm - 06:30 pm | Reception

Day Two: Sunday, 22 September 2024

09:00 am - 09:15 am | Analysis and Overview of Program Objectives and Outcomes

09:15 am - 10:15 am | Complexities, Influence, and the Role of the CSO

The security industry and environment continues to evolve. In order to stay relevant in such a competitive landscape, it is imperative CSOs are up to speed with the latest technology trends, growth projections, and leading challenges. But in order to navigate such a competitive landscape, it is also necessary to make tough decisions, support business development, and consider your organization's overall strategic plan at the same time.

During a fireside chat, hear from three leading CSOs as they share their real-world stories, experiences, and overall strengths and how their roles align with their organization and the security solutions and services provided.

Learning Objectives:
  • Gain insights to support business development and strategic planning
  • Analyze key decisions faced by CSOs and the tools and resources used to make them
  • Consider how the global threat landscape has turned security leadership on its ear

10:15 am - 10:30 am | Break

10:30 am - 12:15 pm | Art of the Sale (Part 1)

Nearly all significant individual, team, and organizational goals are achieved because of an ability to influence the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of key stakeholders. That ability, in turn, hinges upon the degree to which the persuader/influencer is perceived as credible, able to make a logically sound argument in support of the proposal, and able to create and maintain a genuine and positive emotional connection with those you are trying to influence and persuade.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify how others perceive credibility and possible detractions
  • Examine sources of perceived compentence, reliability, and authenticity
  • Manifest personal values and strengths so others are more inclined to believe in ideas and leadership

12:15 pm - 01:15 pm | Lunch

01:15 pm - 02:45 pm | Art of the Sale (Part 2)

Building upon the earlier discussion of credibility and what detracts from a perception of credibility, part 2 focuses on how CSOs can make logically sound and compelling arguments, with particular emphasis on the overall narrative structure. A positive emotional connection is key to create and maintain rapport with those whom we are trying to persuade.

Learning Objectives:
  • Structure the narrative in an intentional way so others can easily follow the logic behind the recommended solution
  • Ask questions to identify what matters most to those who need persuading
  • Frame proposals with the other person's needs and interests in mind

02:45 pm - 03:00 pm | Break

03:00 pm - 04:15 pm | Organizational and Industry Influence

What's required to present valuable, timely and critical information - an essential component of leadership success? Incorporating the tools, framework, and insights gained over the 1.5 days, evaluate how to effectly influence your organzation, stakeholders, and others in the industry. Knowing how to work with all forms of communicators can benefit CSOs, whether they pursue a media spotlight nor now.

Learning Objectives:
  • Think strategically when structuring your message to stakeholders/media to increase its power and reach
  • Maximize your confidence, persuasion, and influence when relaying critical messages
  • Frame messages to establish an emotional connection in a purpose-driven world

Victoria Hanscomb, Editor, Security Journal Americas (SJA)
Stefanie Hoover, Vice President & Editor-in-Chief, Loss Prevention Magazine
Neil Sutton, Editor, Canadian Security

04:15 pm - 04:30 pm | Highlights and Calls to Action

About Our Moderator

Risa M. Mish

Risa Mish is Professor of the Practice of Management at Cornell University’s S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, where she developed and teaches the MBA and Executive MBA Core courses in Critical and Strategic Thinking. She is the Founding Faculty Director of the Johnson Leadership Fellows Program.

Since joining the Cornell faculty in 2007, Prof. Mish has been honored with 15 teaching awards, including as the inaugural recipient of the Provost’s Award for Graduate Teaching Excellence, created by Cornell University to recognize “excellence of teaching at the graduate and professional student level”; the MBA Apple Teaching Award, given by the graduating class to honor the faculty member who exemplifies “outstanding leadership and enduring educational excellence”; Executive MBA Globe and Star Awards for Teaching Excellence; and the Russell Distinguished Teaching Award, given by the MBA 5th Reunion Class to a faculty member “whose teaching and example have continued to influence graduates five years into their post-MBA careers.”

An honors graduate of Cornell University and Cornell Law School, Prof. Mish is admitted to practice law in New York and before the U.S. Supreme Court. She has given keynotes and led workshops for ABC News, Accenture, Amazon, American Express, AON, Blackstone Group, Calvin Klein, Citi, General Mills, Google, Hyundai, KPMG, Kraft-Heinz, Lincoln Financial, Marriott, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Prudential Financial Services, Quaker Oats, Raymond James; Royal Bank of Scotland, SC Johnson, Shore Capital Partners, Silicon Valley Bank, TD Ameritrade, and Wikipedia, and for numerous professional associations, including the Commercial Real Estate Association, Consumer Brands Association, Legal Marketing Association, National Institute of Pension Advisors, Network of Executive Women, and Public Affairs Council.

Prof. Mish is a member of the board of directors of Chicago-based Smithbucklin Corporation. She has been happily married for 30+ years to John Lauricella, a writer and former Cornell Law School Program Officer, and is proud mom to Daniel (28), Leah (25), and Izzy – a rescue pup (Chihuahua/Terrier mix) of indeterminate age who firmly believes herself to be The Favorite Child.