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2020 CSO Summit Virtual Series

CSO Influence: Leading in Uncertain Times

ASIS and CSO Center is pleased to announce the 2020 CSO SumCSO Summit 2019mit Virtual Series. In lieu of a physical gathering this year, we are presenting our education lineup in a series of webinars to deliver the value of this event in a way that is inclusive of the entire global ASIS CSO Center network.

Note: This event is open only to ASIS CSO Center members. Please visit for eligibility requirements and information on how to join the CSO Center to gain access to this high-level and valuable content.

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CSO Summit Virtual Series, session #3

Mitigating Stress in Security: Impacts of Organizational Culture
23 July 2020, 11:00 am ET

Heightened stress levels in the workplace likely won’t disappear anytime soon. Grounded in research, the insights covered will unpack myths we all share about stress and human behavior in stressful situations. This discussion will also touch on the importance of an organization’s culture to support staff in stressful times and maintain effective performance. Speakers will share experiences with building and maintaining a positive workplace culture.


  • Sarah J. Powell, Director of Emergency Management, Temple University


  • Anders C. Noyes, CPP, Director of Security, Skywalker Properties


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