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Facility Security Design

In Person Class: Learn proven methods for completing cost-effective facility security designs. Integrating multiple security systems in a layered effect—including CPTED and architectural security, critical infrastructure protection, building designs, interior/exterior layout, intrusion detection systems, structural barriers, access controls, communications, and CCTV assessment—contributes to the protection of assets as well as the control and reduction of losses.

This intensive, two-day program led by leading security design architects, engineers, and/or operations experts offers a detailed, systematic approach to the design of a fully integrated physical security program. Individuals will acquire solid recommendations for improving protection against terrorism, workplace violence, street crime, and other threats. Participation in a multi-day case study allow individuals to immediately apply new information and understanding. Individuals will:

  • Transition from theory to practice determining their security needs
  • Analyze methods to reduce and control security project costs
  • Examine multiple approaches to assess risks, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the structured approach used by engineers and architects to design fully integrated security systems
  • Master the ability to define security design requirements and select countermeasures and technologies that reduce risks and protect client assets
  • Learn how to prepare and defend a security business case before management
  • Identify effective project management techniques used to bid, enhance construction management, and implement security systems