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Global Board of Directors Nominating Committee Candidates

From the pool of Candidate Interest Forms received, the ASIS Global Board Nominating Committee selected the following three individuals as candidates for the 2020 election. The ASIS membership voted 13 August – 15 September to select one candidate to fill the open position.  

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Jason Caissie, CPP, PSP

Review Qualifications



Robert A. Carotenuto, CPP, PCI, PSP

Review Qualifications

Werner J. Cooreman, CPP, PSP

Review Qualifications

Important to Note

Like in 2019 by competitive election, all ASIS members will select one new member for the Global Board of Directors Nominating Committee (there are six total members on the Nominating Committee). That one new member will join:

  • Christina Duffey, CPP (Chair and ASIS immediate past president)
  • Melissa A. (Bostick) Mack, CPP
  • Timothy M. McCreight, CPP
  • Gary L. Miller, CPP, PCI, PSP
  • Jaime P. Owens, CPP

Once seated, the Global Board of Directors Nominating Committee will provide the ASIS Global Board of Directors with an uncontested slate of candidates for approval the week of 9 November. The new Board will be announced in the week of 16 November and will begin its tenure starting 1 January 2021.