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ASIS International Nominating Committee Candidates

From the pool of Candidate Interest Forms received, your ASIS Board of Directors has selected the following six individuals as candidates for the 2019 ASIS International Nominating Committee. Now, the ASIS membership must vote on which three people will fill the open positions. Voting is open 1 July – 26 July.

To get a refresher on our new Global Governance initiative or to learn more about the role and competencies of the Nominating Committee, please visit

Please review your candidate slate for the 2019 ASIS International Nominating Committee:


Melissa Bostick, CPP

Review Qualifications



Wilson Esangbedo, CPP

Review Qualifications


Mike Hurst, CPP

Review Qualifications


Rachelle Loyear, CISM, MBCP, AFBCI, PMP

Review Qualifications




Gary Miller, CPP, PCI, PSP, ATAB

Review Qualifications


Julieta Munoz

Review Qualifications



*ASIS members received election specific login information in an email from [email protected] on 1 July. If you cannot locate your login information, please contact [email protected]

Important to Note

The ASIS International Nominating Committee is comprised of six representatives total.

  • Three positions voted on by membership from the current candidate slate.
  • Current ASIS Board Chairman, Richard E. Chase, CPP, PCI, PSP
  • Two Board-appointed representatives (Richard F. Lisko, CPP and Gail Essen, CPP, PSP) 

The six individuals on the ASIS International Nominating Committee candidate slate were selected by the ASIS Board of Directors based upon individual and confidential review and a related “score” for each based upon information submitted via the Candidate Interest Form. The ASIS Board of Directors subsequently held a meeting to discuss and vote in the top six candidates. 

Immediately following the election, the three elected ASIS International Nominating Committee members will join the three ASIS Board appointees to review and select three at-large ASIS International Global Board of Directors seats. This uncontested slate will be put forth to the current ASIS Board of Directors for approval in late August. Results will be announced at GSX.