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Core Values and Competencies

ASIS International is committed to identifying and establishing the best, most diverse and inclusive representation possible, taking into account many relevant factors. We are also committed to establishing leadership bodies based upon identified and prioritized competencies and characteristics necessary to ensure ASIS International’s global success.

To that end, we have identified the following core values, competencies, and representational balance that we will pay attention to during the selection process.


Core Values

Essential to ASIS International’s success globally are common, core values that will bind our organization leadership together. Our core values include a commitment to:

  1. Creating a welcoming environment and community for all security management practitioners and related stakeholders.
  2. Creating a community that collectively addresses profession-related challenges in a way that respects global, regional, and local practices.
  3. Transparency in operation and decision-making, including selection of volunteer leaders and decision-making efforts of leadership bodies.
  4. Encouraging diversity in organization membership and Individual characteristics.
  5. Demonstrating respect and courtesy for all security management practitioners and related stakeholders.


It is anticipated that no candidate will be able to demonstrate competence in all identified areas, but the composition of the Nominating Committee and Board will collectively represent these identified competencies:

Nominating Committee

  • Communication skills
  • ASIS awareness and knowledge
  • People management experience
  • Discretion and discernment
  • Contacts
  • Proficiency in English



Global Board of Directors

  • Management experience
  • Knowledge of ASIS programming
  • Knowledge of the security profession
  • Marketing/branding knowledge
  • Strategy development
  • Visionary thinker
  • Team orientation
  • Leadership skills
  • Global outreach
  • Digital transformation
  • Cultural intelligence