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Board Elections

2022 Global Governance Details

In 2019, ASIS launched an important journey to transition to a new global governance structure that establishes a strategic global direction and maintains long-term organizational integrity.

As a major step in this journey, in 2022 ASIS stands up a North American Regional Board of Directors and European Regional Board of Directors. The chairs of these regional boards will serve on the Global Board of Directors.

Meet Your 2022 Global Leaders

ASIS Global Board of Directors

In 2022, ASIS seats its first-ever Regional Boards of Directors in North America and Europe. Instituting these regional boards is a major step in the new ASIS global governance structure, which allows for ASIS to service its members significantly better at the local, regional, and global levels. The chair of each Regional Board serves on the Global Board as well.

North American Regional Board of Directors: Chair Donna M. Kobzaruk; Vice-Chair Mark J. Folmer, CPP; Secretary/Treasurer Craig S. Russell, CPP; Directors Maria G. Dominguez, CPP; Richard L. Duncan, CPP; Marti Katsiaras, PSP; Rachelle Loyear; Loye A. Manning, CPP, PSP; Leonard Moss, Jr., CPP; Susan E. Munn, CPP; Jason M. Sikora, CPP; and Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP.

European Regional Board of Directors: Chair Erik de Vries, CPP, PSP; Vice-Chair Stephanie M. Bergouignan, CPP; Secretary/Treasurer Torsten Wolf, CPP; Directors Christina Alexander Alexandropoulou; Samuele Caruso, CPP; Radek Havlis, CPP; Glenn Cornelis Schoen; and Andrew Williams, CPP.

Global Board of Directors Nominating Committee: Chair Godfried Hendriks, CPP; Pablo Colombres, CPP; Werner J. Cooreman, CPP, PSP; and Melissa A. (Bostick) Mack, CPP

North American Nominating Committee: Jason Caissie, CPP, PCI, PSP; Lisa Pryse Terry, CPP; Robert E. Johnson, Jr., CPP.

European Nominating Committee: Eric Davoine, CPP; Russell Penny, CPP; Feride Yildirim.

Learn more about the Global Board appointment process.

Global Governance FAQs

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