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The ASIS Foundation helps security professionals achieve their career goals with certification scholarships, practical research, member hardship grants, and more. Your Foundation is supported by generous donations from ASIS members, chapters, and organizations.

About the Foundation

The ASIS Foundation was founded as an affiliate of ASIS International in 1966 to serve the security industry through scholarship and research.

We offer Scholarship and grant opportunities for those pursuing physical security and cybersecurity careers 

We conduct timely security research on contemporary threats, best practices, and regulations providing valuable and actionable knowledge for the security profession.

The Foundation’s work is made possible by generous gifts from individuals, chapters, councils and organizations.

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New Research from the ASIS Foundation

The Influence of Security Risk Management: Understanding Security’s Corporate Sphere of Risk Influence

Understand the factors that limit the security function’s influence in corporate risk management and learn strategies to increase the security function’s importance in risk management discussions and decisions. Download the Risk Influence report today.

This new research from the ASIS Foundation found that most security leaders report that their influence in corporate risk decision making is often limited and lags behind other areas of the business. An extensive literature review and 11 focus groups comprised of a variety of business executives, from security directors to CISOs to CEOs to facility managers, the researchers uncover the reasons for security’s limited influence and reveal how security leaders who achieve strong risk management positions in their organizations got there.

The Executive Summary provides a solid overview of the findings, including an impressive table enumerating the barriers to influence and what the researchers recommend security professionals do as a result. The Full Report carries the detail behind the findings, including the results of an extensive literature review that included a detailed analysis of 22 standards and guidelines from various organizations that inform the topic of corporate risk management. And finally, the report’s findings are summarized in nine key findings, each of which is described and presented here as a module.

Read the Executive Summary | Full Report

Findings Modules
Finding 1: The Specialist vs. The Generalist
Finding 2: Organizational Leaders See Security as an Operational Risk Concern
Finding 3: Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Is Not Yet Achieved
Finding 4: Security Professionals Need to Engage Better with Corporate Decision Makers
Finding 5: Security Risk Diagnosis and Security Risk Treatment Are Not a Singular Activity
Finding 6: Organizational Context Has a Significant Impact on Security’s Risk Influence
Finding 7: Security as a Brand Lacks Professional Respect
Finding 8: Language Is a Significant Issue
Finding 9: Influence Is Impacted by Characteristics of the Individual

Grant Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following chapters for winning this years' Chapter Grant Certification Starter Kits

Caracas     Northern New Jersey
Chile     Omaha
Dominican Republic     Quito - Ecuador
Dubai     Salt Lake
Guatemala     San Diego
Hyderabad, India     São Paulo
Kumasi     Shanghai
Mumbai     West Australia
North Carolina Piedmont      

ASIS Foundation Scholarships

1 IE Executive Education Scholarship

20 Chapter Starter Kit Grants

30+ Certification Scholarships

15 IFPO Certification Scholarships (10 in English, 5 in Spanish)

1 Public-Private Partnership Excellence Grant

The 2023 application period has ended

Learn More about Foundation Scholarships and Grants.

ASIS Foundation Donation Tributes

The following donors designated their gifts as a tribute to special individuals or groups. To make your individual, chapter, or organization gift ‘in honor’ or ‘in memory’ of someone, please visit:

Donor Name       Tribute
Anonymous       In memory of Don Walker
Susan Friedberg       In honor of Mark Folmer
Eric Kready       In honor of Military Liaison Community Scholarship Fund
Rose Miller       In honor of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
William Nay       In honor of the San Francisco Chapter - ASIS
Henri Nolin       In honor of Military Liaison Commuity Scholarship Fund
Anna Marie Federico       In honor of Gannett Fleming
Michael Magill       In memory of Rich Frank, CPP
Paul Ward, COSS       In honor of the Florida West Coast Chapter
Watermark       In honor of the Military Liaison Community

ASIS Foundation Research Reports

Empowering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Corporate Security

This Foundation research explores the business case for diversity. It examines the current state of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in corporate security and discusses best practices that are working to move the needle. The report explores the nature and extent of diversity, the experience of diverse professionals within the industry, the views of security leaders plus the types of initiatives they are spearheading. In addition, it identifies outstanding challenges and makes recommendations for addressing them.

Read the Executive Summary | Full Report

Listen to our new SM podcast Understanding the Diversity Dividend.

Security Convergence and Business Continuity: Reflecting on the Pandemic Experience

This research investigates the value and methods of merging business continuity and security, including both physical and cybersecurity. It builds on 2019 Foundation research on security convergence to find out what has changed since the pandemic.

Read the Executive Summary | Full Report

View additional Foundation Research

The State of Security Management

This study examined the current state of the security profession and delineated eight key findings most crucial to the continued success in security, as well as four noteworthy themes that emerged. 

Read the Executive Summary | Full Report

This series of nine short modules (1-4 pages each) highlights the key findings in this report.

Module 1: Overview and Recommendations
Module 2: People Matter
Module 3: Embrace Change
Module 4: Definition of Security
Module 5: Parochialism is a Challenge
Module 6: ESRM
Module 7: Global Perspective
Module 8: Brand and Reputation of Security
Module 9: Security Management Metrics


 Making a difference in our industry and the lives of those who keep the world safe, through research and scholarships.

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