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Nearly a year ago, we began a more member-centric strategic planning process to ensure the Society is optimized to meet future member and market needs. We are pleased to share with the membership the new strategic plan, which directly reflects our member-driven, business-forward strategy.

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Be the recognized leader advancing security worldwide.


Promote excellence and leadership in the security management profession. 

Purpose Statement

The security profession makes the world a safer place and has a positive impact on the future of the organizations and stakeholders we serve. We are the global leader in security professional development, education, and standards, transforming lives through the leadership we provide, the communities we create, and the products and services we deliver.

Strategic Plan (2016-2021)

This overview of the strategic plan, which is grounded by the Board of Directors Promise Statements, provides brief descriptions of strategic objectives and what success will look like when each is achieved. ​​​This is a living document and will continue to evolve over time.

Strategic Planning Overview with 2017 President Tom Langer

The detailed version thoroughly​ explains and outlines a roadmap for each of the six, high-level strategic objectives outlined in the plan.

Strategic Plan Update Presentations and Videos

Share strategic plan updates and progress with your chapter or council with these PowerPoint presentations and video updates from each of the strategic Objective owners.

Strategic Plan Executive Summary | Detailed Strategic Plan 

Global Network with Susan Mosedale
Chief Global Member Engagement Officer

Professional Competency with Sue Carioti
VP, Certifications, Standards, and Guidelines

Knowledge and Learning with Mike Moran
Learning Content Director​

ESRM with Mike Gips
Chief Global Knowledge and Learning Officer

Organizational Operations and Performance with Jeremy Ornstein
Chief Human Resources Officer

Branding with Ron Rosenbaum
Chief Global Marketing and Business Development Officer​