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CPP Standards and Guidelines Bundle

$99 Member Price
$349 Nonmember Price

This package contains the set of Standards and Guidelines included in the CPP Reference material.


  • Management Systems: Requirements with Guidance for Use
  • Chief Security Officer—An Organizational Model
  • Organizational Resilience: Security Preparedness and Continuity Management Systems—Requirements with Guidance for Use
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention


  • Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline
  • General Security Risk Assessment Guideline
  • Information Asset Protection Guideline
  • Preemployment Background Screening Guideline

ASIS Members are entitled to a single free download (PDF) of each standard and guideline

The Protection of Assets (POA) set and the set of seven ASIS standards and guidelines comprise the CPP reference material.

Candidates are encouraged to refer to the following reference material as they are preparing for the CPP examination. After carefully reviewing the domains of study and identifying individual learning needs, candidates may use additional references and study opportunities as necessary.

Item #: 2009W