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APP Complete Reference Set

$189 Member Price
$399 Nonmember Price

ASIS recommends using this set—comprised of five Standards and three books—to study for ASIS’s new Associate Protection Professional (APP) certification exam. ASIS Members are entitled to a single free download (PDF) of each standard and guideline.

This reference set reviews in detail the four Domains of the APP exam:

  1. Security Fundamentals
  2. Business Operations
  3. Risk Management
  4. Response Management

This reference set includes:


  1. Investigations - Item #: 2258
  2. Risk Assessment (RA) - Item #: 2257
  3. Security Management Standard: Physical Asset Protection (PAP) - Item #: 1995
  4. Security and Resilience in Organizations and Thei​r Supply Chains - Requirements with Guidance (ORM.1) - Item #: 2321
  5. Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard (WVPI.1) - Item #: 1967

Protection of Assets Volumes:

  1. Protection of Assets: Crisis Management - Item #: 2003S
  2. Protection of Assets: Information Security - Item #:1989S
  3. Protection of Assets: Security Management - Item #: 2011S

Those studying for the APP may buy the entire reference set or separately. We also offer the five Standards in one bundle and the three POA volumes in another bundle. 

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