​The worldwide leader in security standards development, ASIS brings together volunteers and seeks out views of individuals who have an interest in the topic covered. ASIS is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer.

​The work of preparing standards and guidelines is carried out through the ASIS Standards and Guidelines Committees and governed by the Commission on Standards and Guidelines. T​he Commission ensures that the development process is a voluntary, nonproprietary, and consensus—based process, utilizing to the fullest extent possible the knowledge, experience, and expertise of ASIS membership, security professionals, and the global security profession.​

Private Security Company (PSC) Series

Management System for Quality of PSC Operations—Requirements with Guidance (PSC.1) 2012

Conformity Assessment and Auditing Management Systems for Quality of PSC Operations (PSC.2), 2012

Maturity Model for the Phased Implementation of a Quality Assurance Management System for
     Private Security Service Providers (PSC.3), 2013

Quality Assurance and Security Management for Private Security Companies Operating at Sea—
     Guidance (PSC.4), 2013

Organizational Resilience Series

Organizational Resilience: Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Management Systems—
     Requirements with Guidance for Use (SPC.1), 2009

Auditing Management Systems: Risk, Resilience, Security and Continuity—Guidance for Application (SPC.2), 2014

Maturity Model for the Phased Implementation of the Organizational Resilience Management System
     (SPC.4), 2012


Business Continuity Management Systems: Requirements with Guidance for Use (BCM), 2010

Chief Security Officer—An Organizational Model (CSO), 2013

Investigations (INV), 2015

Security Management Standard: Physical Asset Protection (PAP), 2012

Risk Assessment (RA), 2015

Supply Chain Risk Management: A Compilation of Best Practices (SCRM), 2014

Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention (WVPI), 2011