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ASIS Releases the Second Edition of Active Shooter: A Handbook on Prevention


Alexandria, Va. 2016-05-20

ASIS International, the leading organization for security management professionals, has published a new security book, Active Shooter: A Handbook on Prevention, 2nd Ed, by Dr. Joshua Sinai, Ph.D.

A byproduct of the author's more than 30 years' work in national security, this new edition of Active Shooter: A Handbook on Prevention features extensive new material useful to those tasked with countering active shooter events. Specifically, the new edition's governing matrix adds three new phases that characterize an active shooter event ("Triggers," "Responding to an Active Shooter," and "Post-Incident Consequence Management") to the first edition's five phases. Other new sections include a discussion of the similarities and differences between active shooters and workplace violence; how to preempt potential active shooters by monitoring their postings in social media, including examples of best practices in such preemption; and a discussion of the "Hot," "Warm," and "Cold" zones that are established by law enforcement responders during and after an active shooter event. Other new additions include a discussion and table, based on past incidents, that provides approximated timeframes for potential active shooters to transition from their initial triggering "fantasy" phases to acquiring their weaponry and "going operational."

The new edition also builds on the first edition by providing extensive updated information, such as updated chronologies of active shooter incidents in the U.S. and overseas, and a discussion, based on latest findings in the literature, of how to build a threat assessment of the risky behaviors and activities of those who may be on a transition to becoming active shooters.

Finally, the second edition includes a new introductory section on "How to Use This Handbook" to provide the reader an understanding of how the handbook is organized into four parts and how the sections can be used for quick reference in managing an active shooter prevention program.

The handbook's intended audience includes law enforcement officers, security managers, security guards, human resource managers/staff, facility managers, and public safety instructors/trainers in various settings including schools, office buildings, medical facilities, government buildings, shopping malls, and hotels. It is also intended to be used as a text to structure training workshops on active shooter prevention, as well as a job aid in facilitating one's daily work in identifying and countering such threats.

Dr. Joshua Sinai serves as a Principal Analyst, Kiernan Group Holdings (KGH), in Alexandria, Virginia. He obtained his Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University, where he also earned his M.A. degree.

ASIS members may purchase this new edition of Active Shooter for $45. Pricing for nonmembers is $65. Visit the ASIS Store to purchase. It will also be available in a Kindle edition from    

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