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ASIS International Releases New Sourcebook for the Physical Security Professional

Physical Security Principles

Alexandria, Va. 2015-09-22

ASIS International, the leading organization for security management professionals worldwide, has published a new security book titled Physical Security Principles.

Physical Security Principles was written with three key purposes.  First, the authors, reviewers and other contributors hope that security professionals worldwide will find it to be a valuable desk reference on aspects of the practice of physical security.  Second, the book may be an appropriate text for college and CTE (career and technical education) courses related to physical security.  Third, it is a comprehensive reference for those interested in pursuing a certification in physical security.

This work presents, discusses and contrasts principles and practices in a complementary fashion and demonstrates their interrelatedness in every organization and every setting on a global scale. The objective for the security professional is to leverage longstanding, widely accepted concepts and tailor them to the particular situation at hand to best meet the identified protection objectives.  All this must be done within the constraints of cost, time, space, culture, regulations and operational needs.  It is a challenge indeed! This book is meant as a resource to help lay the groundwork for successful physical security projects in every situation.

Although physical security is only one element of a comprehensive protection strategy, it is generally the first thing that comes to mind for most people.  It is a discipline that has always existed and most probably always will. 

Each of the book's four sections helps to define that role and offers practical, real-world tools for planning and implementing physical security in contemporary society. Part I addresses the underlying concepts of security risk management and how they translate into effective and efficient security practices. An overview of design principles and practice is presented in Part II of the book.  Part III discusses the specific tools and techniques within the framework of structural, electronics and human means collaborating to satisfy protection objectives.  Finally, Part IV speaks to the project management aspects of security in both principle and practice. Appendices define key security terms and address special considerations for high-rise buildings.

The breadth and depth of this manual will appeal to those with a responsibility for physical security within their organization as well as veteran security professionals seeking to enhance their skills or seek professional credentials through certification.

Managing Editor Michael E. Knoke, CPP, ensured that this publication is a comprehensive work on physical security principles. Kevin E. Peterson, CPP, co-editor, and more than 50 physical security practitioners contributed months of research, writing, reviewing and editing to the 584-page work.

Physical Security Principles is published in softcover and hardcover editions. ASIS members may purchase the soft cover for $129 and the hard cover for $189. Pricing for nonmembers is $189 (softcover) and $269 (hardcover). Visit the ASIS Bookstore to purchase.   

The ASIS Bookstore offers a comprehensive collection of resources for the security practitioner, as well as for students and faculty in security management programs.  It features titles from more than 60 publishers of security-specific books, guides, manuals, CDs, DVDs and more. Order online or by calling +1.703.519.6200.

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