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Michael J. Stack

Chief Executive Officer​

News Release

ASIS International, ASIS Foundation and Security Industry Suppliers Donate $120,000+ Anaheim Elementary for Security Enhancements

Alexandria, Va. 2015-10-09

​On Friday, Sept. 25, the ASIS Foundation and ASIS International presented Lord Baden-Powell Elementary School, in the Magnolia School District, a donation of $22,000 for security improvements and recognized other security industry product and service organizations, who collectively donated more than $100,000 in-kind. The presentation was made at a full-school assembly attended by parents and school and district administrators, as well as California Assembly Member Young O. Kim and Cecilia Iglesias from U. S. Senator Bob Huff’s office.  

Through a series of short essays, schools in the Magnolia School District were asked to consider their particular security concerns and what risks they would attempt to reduce and/or eliminate, along with a list of specific security enhancements they would purchase with the funding. A committee comprised of security management professionals from the ASIS Orange County Chapter judged the submissions.

“This is the twelfth year that ASIS has sponsored this competition as a way of giving back to the community where our Annual Seminar and Exhibits is held,” said ASIS Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Stack. “The aim of the competition is to encourage local schools to assess the security issues that confront their buildings, staff and students every day.” 

“We are grateful to ASIS for their generosity and commitment to school safety,” stated Principal Bill Bailey.

Lord Baden-Powell is one of the nine schools in the Magnolia School District in West Anaheim. A culturally and socio-economically diverse school, Lord Baden-Powell has approximately 640 students in general education, as well as approximately 60 special needs students from within and outside the district.

Improvements include the addition of both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras to act as a deterrent for potential wrongdoers and provide enhanced safety for the children and staff as they move throughout the school, as well as those entering and exiting the school.

On July 25, 2015, a team of forty volunteers, including project managers, installation technicians and administrative support staff from TRL Systems and other volunteers from ASIS, Kepler Networks, and friends/family donated their time and expertise to install a thirteen-camera monitoring system at the school.

“When I was first asked if TRL and I would be interested in working with ASIS to donate and install a camera system in a local school, I said “yes” immediately,” said TRL Security Division General Manager Gary Chavarria. “Having been an ASIS member for many years, I was honored to have an opportunity to work directly with ASIS on such an important project. I am very happy that our organization took a leadership role in providing a state-of-the-art video platform for Lord Baden-Powell Elementary School.”

Product and service in-kind donations were made by:

• Donation of $40,000+
    TRL Systems
• Donation of $30,000
    DataDirect Networks (DDN)
• Donations of $10,000
    Samsung CCTV
• Donations of $5,000
    Altura Communication Solutions
    Kepler Networks
    Pax Bello Security Solutions
    Siemens Cable Company
    University of Massachusetts (Boston)

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