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News Release

The Netherlands Adopts the ASIS International Organizational Resilience Standard

Alexandria, Va 2010-02-16

ASIS International is pleased to announce that its American National Standard for Organizational Resilience has been adopted as a national standard in the Netherlands. The ANSI/ASIS SPC.1-2009 American National Standard, “Organizational Resilience:  Security, Preparedness and Continuity Management Systems–Requirements with Guidance for Use,” was published as a Dutch National Standard (NEN 7131) by the Netherlands Standardization Institute in January 2010. This follows the publication as a Danish National Standard (DS 3001) in September 2009 by Danish Standards.  

The ASIS Organizational Resilience Standard is being translated into several languages for publication by other national standards bodies. The internationalization of the ASIS Organizational Resilience Standard provides a common basis for addressing the risks associated with disruptive events. The compatibility with other ISO standards, such as the ISO 31000 standard on risk management, enables a seamless, business-friendly integration with tested and popular international management system standards.

The ASIS Organizational Resilience Standard is the only one of three preparedness standards proposed for inclusion in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s PS-Prep Program that takes an enterprise-wide view of risk management, enabling an organization to develop a comprehensive strategy to prevent when possible, prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from a disruptive incident.

“Resilience recognizes that managing the risks of disruptions is a business concern and must be addressed in a comprehensive fashion consistent with the organization’s overall risk management strategy,” says ASIS President Joseph R. (Bob) Granger, CPP.  “Businesses cannot afford to stovepipe risks.  In today’s economic environment, organizations need to optimize their strategies to cost effectively minimize both the likelihood and consequences of a disruption.”

“ASIS is pleased at the record pace the Organizational Resilience Standard is being adopted by various countries,” says Mark Geraci, CPP, chairman of the ASIS Commission on Standards and Guidelines.  “Our intention in spearheading this effort was to provide organizations worldwide with a business-friendly tool to improve their preparedness performance.”

As a complement to this effort, ASIS is offering a two-and-a-half day class on Organizational Resilience:  Implementing and Auditing the ASIS American National Standard.  Attendees will learn to implement the ASIS standard, identify necessary steps to establish and maintain an organizational resilience management system, use a phased maturity model approach to fit their organization’s business realities, understand the conduct of risk assessments and impact analysis to support decision making for resilience, and establish an effective internal auditing program based in the ISO 19011 to evaluate and improve performance.

Click here to download the ASIS Organizational Resilience standard, or go to the ASIS Web site,

ASIS standards and guidelines are developed through a consensus standards-development process to advance security and resilience practices. This process brings together volunteers and/or seeks out the views of people who have an interest in the topic covered. For more information, visit Standards and Guidelines on the ASIS Web site or email

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