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News Release

ASIS International Releases Book on the Development of Personal Identification

Alexandria, Va 2009-06-18

​ASIS International, the preeminent organization for security management professionals worldwide, is releasing a book titled “Personal Identification:  Its Modern Development and Security Implications,” by David J. Haas, Ph.D.

In this 300-page softcover book, the author explores the use of personal identification. We have all grown up using our driver’s license to confirm our identification.  In addition, we carry many other forms of identification—credit cards, passports and work ID badges—as they facilitate our movement in today’s society.  However, Haas writes, this was not always the case.

The use of identifying documents and the need for “trusted” personal identification documents used by the public is a relatively new social phenomenon, he says. This book examines what people did before “trusted” personal identification documents existed.  It explains how and why our modern identification system developed, and what social changes have made modern IDs necessary for citizens of all countries. 

The book demonstrates the convergence-of-technologies that produced the first “secure” documents and their impact on society. These include:

  • The effects of large and mobile populations
  • The effects of “impersonal” electronic communications at a distance
  • The passage of government laws with “age” and “group” criteria
  • The distribution of services (tangibles) and money by government agencies based on a person’s identity (including age and group criteria)

The book also reviews the consequences of 9/11 on personal ID in the United States and its impact on our society and our civil liberties.

“Personal Identification:  Its Modern Development and Security Implications” is available to ASIS members for $36 and to nonmembers for $52, if ordered before July 16.  After July 16, the cost will be $45 for members and $65 for nonmembers.  To order this book (item #1824) visit the ASIS Bookstore.

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