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News Release

ASIS Foundation Releases CRISP Report on Organized Retail Crime

Alexandria, Va 2009-07-23

​Organized retail crime (ORC) poses a significant threat to the economic welfare of the $4.7 trillion retail industry in the United States. The latest CRISP Report, “Organized Retail Crime:  Assessing the Risk and Developing Effective Strategies,” commissioned by the ASIS Foundation, states that U.S. retailers lose billions of dollars to ORC each year. ORC affects all segments of the industry, including drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchant chain stores. 

During the past decade, according to the CRISP Report, industry leaders and retail associations have increasingly acknowledged ORC as a growing problem, fueled, at least in part, by the emergence of Internet auction sites, lack of effective legislation to increase criminal sanctions for ORC and the ability to reintroduce stolen goods back into legitimate supply chain channels.

Effectively addressing this growing concern requires a comprehensive examination of ORC, its harmful effects, and the industry, legislative and law enforcement initiatives most likely to curtail it.  Currently, the CRISP Report authors say no comprehensive source or definitive information to prevent ORC exists.

The report lists some of the “hot” items targeted by organized retail criminals, which are goods that command near-retail resale price.  These include designer clothing, teeth whiteners, gift cards, electronics, DVDs, CDs, razor blades, over-the-counter medicines, beauty care items and infant formula.

To view “Organized Retail Crime:  Assessing the Risk and Developing Effective Strategies,” go to

About the CRISP Reports   Connecting Research in Security to Practice (CRISP) Reports provide insights into how different types of security issues can be tackled effectively.  Drawing on research and evidence from around the world, each report summarizes the prevailing knowledge about a specific aspect of security, and then recommends proven approaches to counter the threat. 

Previous CRISP Reports include “Preventing Gun Violence in the Workplace,” “Strategies to Detect and Prevent Workplace Dishonesty,” “Lost Laptops=Lost Data” and “From the Ground Up:  Security for Tall Buildings.” These reports are available as free downloads at

CRISP Reports are sister publications to those produced by the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) of the U.S. Department of Justice, which can be accessed at  While that series focuses on policing, the CRISP Reports focus on security.

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