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02 May 2017

Security Management Highlights May 2017

Minor migrants are in danger of exploitation from extremist groups. National Security Editor Lilly Chapa tells us more. Cybersecurity Editor Megan Gates talks about the pros and cons of cybersecurity insurance policies. And Fred Burton from Stratfor shares travel safety best practices for executives going solo.​​

05 April 2017

Security Management Highlights April 2017

Senior Editor Mark Tarallo takes a look employee engagement rates in the United States and how managers can help. The nature of airport attacks has evolved as security measures try to keep up. Stratfor’s Scott Stewart explains. Plus, a member spotlight on former FBI Special Agent Toni Chrabot.

28 February 2017

Private Prisons, Liability Court Cases, and Servant Leadership

The Trump administration reverses a decision on the use of private prisons. Security practitioners can learn from past court cases centering on liability. Plus, how managers can apply the servant leadership principle.

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 ASIS Research and Reports

New Foundation CRISP Report focuses on Sports Team Travel Security (PDF) - This latest report in the series has been 'published' via a micro-site where the content is easier to access. Authored by Jacques Island and Peter Tarlow Ph.D, the report explores the unique risk that athletes and sports venues face and provides general mitigation recommendations.

The United States Security Industry: Size and Scope, Insights, Trends and Data - joint study with IOFM, this groundbreaking report serves as an benchmark study of the private security industry’s expansion over the past decade and its projected future growth. An analysis of the security products and services market, as well as the industry’s personnel market, is presented within the report.

Persuading Senior Management with Effective, Evaluated Security Metrics (PDF) - provides summaries of metrics used in the security field, as well as scores them against the Security Metrics Evaluation Tool (Security MET) to evaluate their effectiveness. The report also offers guidelines for using metrics with an emphasis on organizational risk and return on investment.

Security Industry Survey of Risks and Professional Competencies (PDF) - identifies the industry talent needs and generates actionable recommendations for strengthening the workforce. Key findings include cybersecurity, crime, mobile technology, natural disasters, and globalization were ranked as the top five risks most likely to affect an enterprise over the next five years.