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Louis Malin, Regional Security Officer, Zurich Insurance

Louis Malin
Regional Security Officer, Dubai
Zurich Insurance

As the Dubai-based Regional Security Officer for Zurich Insurance, Louis Malin is responsible for the safety of his employees as they travel the world. He often finds himself in the position of supporting risk engineers in areas fraught with tension and terrorism. Nigeria, for example, is home to many oil and gas companies that want Zurich Insurance to underwrite their rigs or other vulnerable sites. The only way the company can accept that risk is through conducting site assessments.

Recently, Louis had to support a risk engineer in a part of the world where Boko Haram, a notorious terrorist organization, was very active. Kidnappings, requests for ransom and explosions were part of the daily news. Louis needed to know whether or not his employees would be safe. While he followed several news sources, he knew the situation on the ground could change instantly. He needed firsthand information on where the threat was, and how relevant it was to his engineers.

Louis—who quips that most conversations with colleagues begin with, “Are you a member of ASIS?”—knew just who to call. His membership in the CSO Center gives him global reach, connecting him to C-level security professionals who are meeting challenges just like his in every corner of the globe. Louis’ ASIS contacts in Nigeria told him that the threats making the headlines were originating in another part of the region, and his risk engineers would be safe. To​ Louis, membership in the ASIS CSO Center is essential. “It’s my bread and butter. When you’re responsible for security, you have to make sure your guys are safe… you can’t take your eyes off of it. I couldn’t do my job without ASIS.”