Success Spotlight: ASIS Community Case Studies

newspapper clip 2.pngMathew Simeone Award – Public/Private Partnership

After several devastating home invasions in the late 90s, the Overland Park Police Department conducted security surveys and encountered door types they didn't know how to secure. After reaching out to the private sector, security professionals from the ASIS Kansas City Chapter, the Kansas City Homebuilder's Association, and a local homebuilder completed a detailed analysis on door hardware and assembly processes and developed new security recommendations to implement a minimum level of door security on all single-family dwellings (which then became town ordinance). After 10 years, an assessment shows these measures have held up and had success in preventing forced entry through doorways.

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LEO1.jpgASIS Orlando LEO Awards

For 20 years, the Orlando chapter has been putting on and growing its annual LEO Awards. From a small BBQ to show appreciation to local law enforcement, the event has bloomed into a 500 person event featuring elegant awards, excellent community support, media coverage, and more. Learn what the event organizers have learned over the past 20 years that has made the LEOs what it is today.

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African Security Conference main image.png

ASIS African Security Conference 2017

Several African chapters recently collaborated on a two-day conference and exhibits focused on "Security in a Fast Changing World." Educational topics touched on timely issues facing global security professionals including ransomware, cyber-resilience, terrorism, business continuity, workplace violence, fraud and even maritime security. Learn how this region organized this event, the challenges they faced along the way, and benefit from the lessons learned. Read this story.