UK Chapter Planning

image1 (3).jpg​​The ASIS UK Chapter 208 Board and Committee team met on 30 October for a full day strategy meeting to plan for the major events of 2018 and to identify opportunities for growth and expansion. 2018 is a significant year for the Chapter, as it represents a milestone of 25 years of operation, promoting security management and excellence. 

The meeting was held in London, as a majority of the Board and Committee members are located in and around this area. Chapter Chair David Clarke, CPP, PCI, PSP, Head of Security for the Francis Crick Institute, hosted the meeting at the Institute.

The team, undeterred by train delays, assembled to work through an extensive agenda that had multiple objectives, primarily to streamline and confirm the structure of the Chapter committees to meet the requirements through to 2020, develop the themes for the seminars in 2018/19, and enable a Main Board meeting.

As the Board and Committee members all have busy day jobs it is important that there is a clear structure to the meeting with intended outcomes. The program for the day consisted of nine points that the Board and Committee needed to progress so as to shape the forthcoming year. The nine points were: 

  • Opening and Introductions 
  • ASIS UK Leadership Structure 
  • Governance 
  • Finance 
  • Board Meeting – Board Members Only 
  • Committee Breakout Sessions – Define Themes for 2018 
  • 2018 Events 
  • Car Park Events 
  • Any Other Business ​

The UK Chapter maintains an organisation chart that shows the areas where we need active members to volunteer for Chapter Committee positions. This information is communicated to the members via the Chapter's seminars, newsletter and email. 

It is key for the Board and Committee is to have strong Governance that identifies clear lines of responsibility supported by job requirements. This allows members who are putting themselves forward for either a Committee or Board position to understand the commitments and likely time impacts to fulfil these positions. The Chapter therefore disseminates thorough job descriptions

As the Chapter enjoys strong support from its Committee members, the Board is free to separate from the meeting to discuss Board matters. During this time, the Committee focused on shaping the detail around Chapter seminar themes. Their thought process involved asking questions of how ASIS UK Chapter currently does business, and what might need to change to meet the Chapter's membership needs for the coming years. 

The Committee developed a short questionnaire to distribute to Chapter members, designed to gain further insight into what Chapter member desires in areas such as Professional Development, training, social events, etc. 

The Chapter also maintains a table showing the current state of planning for the 2018 events. The Chapter tries to keep its seminars in the same months each year. Every year, the key is to identify which topics key speakers should cover and to communicate information to membership well in advance to make it a ‘must see’ event. 

The Board and Committee reconvened after lunch and set provisional dates and themes for all the 2018 events. A copy of this plan was circulated to all attendees of the meeting. Once the dates were set, the Chapter must now focus its efforts on ensuring that the Chapter’s high standards (venues, speakers, educational content, etc.) are maintained. 

Previously to meeting in this all-day format, the Chapter used to meet prior to Chapter Seminars, but found that there was insufficient time to effectively go through all tasks and record the outcomes. The Chapter has tried to hold online meetings every two weeks, but found that attendance was fractured. This new model of a physical meeting planned well in advance and communicated via meeting invitations to Board and Committee members is having a greater effect. 

The fact that over twenty senior security professionals, from across the UK, were willing to give up a full day to take part in this exercise, indicates that the Chapter is in a great position and poised well for 2018.