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Welcome to the 38th edition of Eurodynamics! The ASIS International European Bureau would like to encourage you to submit any updates or articles you wish to share with the ASIS International members in Europe!

Copy deadlines for the next issues have been fixed at the third Monday of every month. The deadline for the next issue is 15 October 2007.


Joop Verdonk CPP and Jack Valk CPP Win ASIS Regional Certification Award 

On 11 September 2007 at a Benelux chapter meeting in Rotterdam, Mr. Jack Valk CPP and Mr. Joop Verdonk CPP were presented with the prestigious ASIS Regional Certification Award by RVP (Region 25) Mr. Godfried Hendriks CPP.

Jack Valk CPP (left, Joop Verdonk CPP and RVP (region 25) Godfried Hendriks CPP

Mr. Joop Verdonk CPP
Joop Verdonk has been the driving force behind the rapid growth of the ASIS International certifications in the Benelux. When Joop started in 2001 there were only 3 CPP’s in the Benelux Chapter, there are 37 CPP’s and 4 PSP’s now, and the Benelux Chapter ranks amongst the highest percentage of CPP’s of the total membership in Europe. Joop organises CPP and PSP review courses and continuously promotes ASIS International and its certification programme in interviews in magazines and on conferences. He has formed a Benelux CPP Fellowship to further enhance the exchange of knowledge and help candidates studying for the CPP and PSP (and possibly PCI in the near future) and has strongly supported the creation of a Benelux knowledge base. Joop is a member of the ASIS European Advisory Council and Chair of the ASIS European Education Sub-committee.

Mr. Jack Valk CPP
Jack Valk has been a strong contributor to the growth of the ASIS International certifications in the Benelux, as a tutor on numerous review courses and as a motivator to colleagues from the security industry. As a host for study groups. Jack has always, altruistically, been willing to share his information and knowledge. He has lead the creation of a Benelux knowledge base where all CPP’s/PSP’s and those studying for it can access information in many forms. He is always actively promoting the CPP/PSP/PCI and received a certificate of appreciation after the power of certification campaign. As a senior security professional, Jack is always accessible for people who are new in the industry but at the same time he is strict in acting against those that try to use the CPP designation without passing the exam. Jack is a member since 1987 and a former ASIS International Benelux Chapter Chairman. Although without any current official role within the chapter he is frequently involved in activities for and with the Chapter in the organization of Chapter meetings and CPP/PSP review courses.

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This event will cover the entire spectrum of security topics, ranging from supply chain security and piracy to terrorism, executive protection and more. Submit your abstract online.

The deadline is 30 September!

Eurowatch: Belgian Appointed New EU Counter-Terrorism Co-ordinator  

EU justice and home affairs ministers have agreed on a replacement for former counter-terrrorism co-ordinator Gijs de Vries, who stepped down at the end of March 2007.

The EU’s High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) Javier Solana appointed 51-year-old EU law professor and Belgian former minister of justice Gilles de Kerchove as de Vries's successor on 18 September.

De Kerchove was previously the director for justice and home affairs at the EU Council Secretariat, where he has been responsible for police and judicial co-operation in criminal matters. In this capacity, he worked closely with de Vries.

Solana said he was convinced that de Kerchove "will bring added value to the work of the Council in this key area" of counter-terrorism. In his new function, de Kerchove will co-ordinate the work of the Council of the EU in the field of counter-terrorism, closely monitor the implementation of the EU counter-terrorism strategy, and ensure that the Union plays an active role in the fight against terrorism, according to Solana.

The post of counter-terrorism co-ordinator was created in 2004 in response to that year's train bombings in Madrid that left nearly 200 people dead. Disagreements over the exact scope of the job are believed to have prompted de Vries to quit and for his replacement to be delayed.

Addressing reporters before the ministers' meeting, Solana said de Vries's successor should have a "deeper" mandate and enjoy "a much closer relationship" with EU governments and institutions. "Circumstances have changed since the first mandate was agreed. We have learned during this period and it is for intelligent people to adapt to the new circumstances," Solana said. Britain had been particularly keen for the new anti-terrorism co-ordinator to enjoy greater powers.

Freedom, Security and Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini said that there had been almost unanimous agreement among ministers that the new co-ordinator should be a bureaucrat with established knowledge of the inner workings of the EU, rather than a politician.

Joseph Daul, chairman of the European Peoples' Party (EPP-ED), the biggest political group in the European Parliament, considered the agreement "a step in the right direction".

Amnesty International, however, was critical of the nomination of the new counter-terrorism co-ordinator. Recalling a vital ingredient still missing from EU policies, in the six years since 9/11, according to Amnesty, the EU has yet to come to terms with the fact that the way in which the fight against terrorism has been conducted has had serious human-rights implications.


Submit Your Nomination for the European Person of the Year Award 2008 by 1 October! 

In 2008, ASIS International will once more recognise a person (not necessarily an ASIS member) who has made a singular or a continually significant contribution to the security profession in Europe.

The key criterion of “significant contribution to the security profession” is intentionally broad and some guiding factors might include but are not limited to:

- Contribution(s) that significantly affected the security and safety of a large segment of   people/businesses.
- Security-related publications.
- Development/implementation of professional security training programs.
- Invent/develop or improve an important security technology, process or methodology.
- Enhance effective working relations among security/law enforcement practitioners.
- Has the professional respect and recognition of peers in the international security community.

The winner of the 2007 award was Mr. Wim Philippa, Secretary General of the European Roundtable of Industrialists for his leading role in raising awareness of the consequences of criminality and organised crime for business and industry and establishing the subject firmly on the political agenda in the European Union.

Nominations are encouraged from all European members and may be sent to Michiel Gen at the ASIS European Bureau before 1 October. A winner will be selected from the submissions during the European Advisory Council meeting on 29 October 2007.

The recipient will be recognised at the 7th ASIS European Security Conference in Barcelona.

Eurowatch: EU Ministers Strike Deal to Share Data Between Law Enforcement Agencies 

EU justice ministers have after years of deliberations agreed that a law to protect data held by police and judicial bodies should apply only to information exchanged between member states, the European Voice reports.

Some countries, including France, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg, had hoped that the law could also be applied to set standards for information held by national police and judicial bodies. But a group of member states, led by the UK, Ireland and Germany, opposed such a broad scope.

One diplomat said that the agreed draft was “better than nothing” and that a review clause after three years left open the possibility that the scope could be extended.
Another diplomat said: “It sets out in detail a long list of how law enforcement authorities should exchange data and we are happy with it.”

The agreement was made on Tuesday 18 September at a meeting of justice ministers, which settled certain aspects of the law, with certain technical areas left to be decided. The Portuguese presidency hopes to present ministers with a full draft for approval before the end of the year.

The law – known as the framework decision on data protection in the third pillar – also allows for police and judicial bodies to send to third countries information which has been passed on to them by other member states’ law enforcement agencies, provided they agree to it and that certain standards on handling the information are met.
But in urgent cases the information can be sent to third countries without the prior consent of the original police or judicial body which passed on the information first.
Sophie in ’t Veld, a Dutch Liberal MEP, said that such a caveat in the law was disappointing. “Every time they have such formulas…what are such exceptional circumstances and who decides?” she asked.

Tony Bunyan of Statewatch, a civil liberties group, said that limiting the law’s scope to cross-border exchange of data was also disappointing. “Everybody has been saying this should apply nationally – including the European Parliament, the European data protection supervisor and the European Commission – everyone that is except the Council of Ministers,” he said.

Bunyan said that the law would allow member states to apply double standards to the way they handle information internally and in cross-border exchanges.
“It will mean they can collect data nationally under one set of rules and then apply it across borders under another set.”

Source: European Voice

Benelux Chapter Meeting 

On September 11th, 75 members of the ASIS International Benelux Chapter gathered together for a company visit at the Brinks Nederland BV facilities in Rotterdam. The theme of the day was: “Information Security”.

Information Protection – People are the weakest link
Following the welcome and introduction by Mr Pierre Hermans, Director Brinks Nederland BV, ASIS member Mr Vincent Jentjens, Director Security Academy, gave an overview of what Information Security is and how we can protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information. People are still the weakest link and implementing information security is not an easy task. It was clear that some wrong principles used for information protection can be seen as the cause for bad protection of information. Organizations need to focus on work processes, service management and performance. Mr Jentjens concluded that certification of people, security management and detection in stead of restriction can support a good information protection program.

Physical Security – Brinks is prepared
Mr Sjouke de Graaf, Director of Security Europe for Brinks gave a comprehensive overview of the Brinks organization and the risks his organization is facing. Brinks approach to cope with these risks are aimed at detailed risk analysis, training of people and analyzing all steps in the process for the transport of money and other valuables including information. The Brinks organization and their people are prepared to manage the risks this particular segment of the security industry is confronted with.

Intelligent Disintegration Services 1 - A unique cooperation
The next speaker, Mr Willem Jan Candel, Director of Sales for Brinks, presented some detailed facts about the Brinks organization, how Brinks is protecting information and confidential data for their customers and introduced a new product for security of logistic services: Intelligent Disintegration Services (IDS). IDS is developed in close cooperation with Kusters Engineering in Venlo, a worldwide market leader in the field of disintegration equipment for banknotes, information and other valuable information. “This memorable day is the launch of a new service, the introduction of IDS for our customers” said Cancel. The future for this type of services looks promising and Brinks, together with Kusters Engineering are convinced that they can offer a new service to existing and future customers for secured logistic services.

Intelligent Disintegration Services 2 - A full close loop TRIAL
Jeroen Kusters, Business Development Manager for Kusters Engineering explained how Kusters entered the Intelligent Disintegrators market. Kusters engineering is granted a full NATO SECRET clearance and NSA certification. The basis for cooperation with Brinks was laid down in a Memo of Understanding in 2006. Kusters emphasized that with the IDS service both parties can provide 100% security and a complete close loop operation for the destruction of information. The TRIAL application provides an audit trial for collection, scanning, weigh, secure transport, log-in and verification procedures for the actual destruction/disintegration of information. Feedback and certification of disintegration of information will be given to their customers.

During a panel discussion led by ASIS member Ap Boom, some burning questions from the audience were answered by the panel and this well organized company visit in a secure and excellent atmosphere was closed by Chapter Chairman a.i. Cees van der Giessen, by thanking Brinks and Kusters Engineering for hosting this.

Jack Valk CPP
Benelux Chapter

Brogan and Webster Reach Paris 


Along with 39 others Chris Brogan and Derek Webster reached their objective of The Eiffel Tower on schedule. There, they were met by John Inverdale and Austin Healey of the BBC and some champagne.

Chris Brogan (Left) and Derek Webster

It was a great three days in brilliant sun, with the group suffering 3 crashes (not serious just grazed knees and cheeks) and 24 punctures, of which one was Webster's, they covered 285 km at an average speed of 12.8 km/p/h. Our members were the oldest men but they did have a 75 year old woman with them!!

Although the English rugby was rubbish, they were both still pleased to have undertaken the ride, but glad they hadn't swam the channel as well.

Between them Chris and Derek have raised £5.5k for 'Scope' and the group total was in excess of £65k.

There are now two bikes, each having had one careful owner only, chained to the South East corner of the Tower, free to anyone that wants to collect them.

Chris and Derek are very grateful to all of those who supported them with sponsorship.
Its not too late if you want to now they have completed it:  

A Diary for Certification 

 In June 2005 I decided to sign on for the PSP study program offered by Arc Training and after extensive email interrogation by ASIS, I was finally given approval to take the exam.

Peter Horsburgh CPP, PSP (rear row far right) was in charge of the distance learning, which was based on set monthly projects that provided the deadlines for agonising over issues such as which lock was better than another.

The formal study programme started in August and the four tasks were completed by October. Useful feedback was given after each project.

The reference material included the U.S. Army Physical Security Field Manual, which was initially tedious to follow due to the extensive use of US acronyms, was eventually understood.

At the end of October there was a five-day intensive Physical Security Management tutoring session at the Holiday Inn, Reading, for those on the Arc training. (I am the good-looking one on the front row far right).

Those attending were from financial services, close protection, consulting and manufacturing and the conclusion from one ex special forces person was interesting in that whatever physical protection was put in place there would always be a way round it by the committed criminal or terrorist. The only variable would be the time it took.

The exam itself was taken on the Saturday morning following the 5-day review and took some two hours. ASIS rules state that you are not allowed to disclose any of the questions but it is worth noting that it may seem simple to pick out one correct answer from a choice of four but you really do need to know the subject because of the apparently faultless logic stated by the wrong answers.

Out of the eleven who were on the 2005 ARC course eight have passed and been awarded their PSP certification.

The broader view that the certification study enabled me to have has certainly been helpful in my work as a security consultant specialising in the technical aspects.

Cost involved apart from my time was in the region of £1000. I did not stay as a resident at the Holiday Inn but would in retrospect recommend the residential option because of the useful opportunities for the informal exchange of information.

The suggestion of taking the CPP certification in 2006 was turned down due to the brain rebelling after undertaking sufficient early morning studying sessions over a 4-month period.

However after attending a certification awards dinner in March 2007 during which Bruce George MP spoke strongly in favour of qualified professionals rather than amateurs in security, I decided to see if I was eligible to take the CPP certification.

Lively e-mails followed between Ada of ASIS US and myself with penetrating questions covering my background and responsibilities. Ada finally conceded that I was sufficiently pure and secure and had enjoyed a sufficiently high level of responsible charge to take the exam.

Janet Ward of Arc was most helpful in organising reference material and again I took up their study program headed up this time by Barry Walker and the first session was held at The Swan at Streatley on Thames in June. The venue was superb in both setting and service for the 25 or so people attending. (Amazed at the capacity Janet has for red wine and yet she manages to stay so slim).

Barry and his colleagues ran through tests for the Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and the Sunday morning. The results really made you realise just how much further study would be required to meet the required level in the exam. Barry certainly deserves full credit for organising this, the first of two long weekends (which he does incidentally on a voluntary basis.)

The guidance given was that a minimum of one hour per day from June to October would be required to absorb the reference materials. This is difficult to slot in every day but an early morning start seems to provide the best solution for me.

The reference material is more broadly based than the PSP and the Protection of Assets Manual in four volumes really requires its own bookcase.

Cost involved for the CPP and the two residential study sessions is about £1900.

The study session is challenging but also enjoyable because so much is relevant to what I am doing now and where I want to be in a year’s time.

Contact me at if you have any questions or points you want to make which I will then raise with the Professional Development Committee.

Tim Hodges MBA PSP is Managing Director of New Pool Solutions Ltd, an independent security consultancy specialising in the technical aspects of physical security.  

ASIS Supports European Retail Loss Prevention Conference

The 3rd annual Retail Loss Prevention Europe conference takes place on October 9th – 10th in London and features many of Europe’s leading retailers discussing tools and strategies to reduce loss in their stores and facilities. The event is built specifically for loss prevention and security executives in large retail and manufacturing organizations and focuses on tackling both internal and external losses across the industry. Attendees will find out how to secure ROI from new technology and other LP initiatives, how to improve systems and processes and how to develop effective staff training to improve loss prevention and security in their organizations.

In addition to a speaker line-up featuring senior LP, Security and Risk executives from major global retailers including REWE Group, Disney Stores, Wal-Mart International, Home Depot, HMV, Lindex, John Lewis Partnership, eBay, House of Fraser, ICA and many others, attendees are also confirmed to attend from respected retailers and manufacturers from across the world such as TK Maxx, Sainsburys, Tesco, Best Buy, Levi Strauss, Modelo Continente Hipermercados, Esprit, B&Q, Comet, Polo Ralph Lauren, GameStop, Adidas, Burberry, Office Depot, Comet, Homebase, Procter & Gamble, Arcadia Group, Metro and many more.

The latest agenda for the event is available on  

Global Agenda

24-27 September 2007 - Solutions Start Here: 53rd Annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibit - Las Vegas, USA. For more information, click here

4-5 October 2007 - WSC Workshop on Transit Security, Hosted by the American National Standards Institute, Gaithersburg, MD, USA. Click here for the draft agenda or go to the ANSI website for more information. Speaking opportunities still exist at this event for European ASIS members in particular. Please contact Matt Deane for more information

9-10 October 2007 - 3rd Annual Loss Prevention Summit, London. For more information, click here

29 October 2007 - ASIS European Advisory Council meeting, Barcelona

30 October 2007 - ASIS Programme Committee Meeting, Barcelona

28-30 November 2007 - Chief Security Officer Summit, Park Hotel, Amsterdam - 10% discount for ASIS members. Download the brochure here or click here for more information

5-7 February 2008 - ASIS International Security Conference - Risks and Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region - Singapore. Click here for more information

13-16 April 2008 - 7th European Security Conference - Security: The Essential Corporate Asset - Barcelona, Spain. Click here for more information on how to submit a presentation. Deadline 28 September

Chapter and Certification Events

For the latest details visit the European agenda

26 November 2007 - Chapter meeting



31 October 2007 - Coaching CPP 13/ PSP 4, Corsendonk (Belgium)
2 November 2007: Exam training CPP-1, Coaching CPP-11 and PSP-2 and PSP, Corsendonk (Belgium)
3 November 2007: CPP and PSP Exam in Corsendonk (Belgium)
16 November 2007 - Autumn conference in Belgium (entire day)


15 February 2008 - CPP-11 and PSP-2 coaching, Corsendonk (Belgium)
10-11 April 2008 -CPP-12 and PSP-3 review course, Corsendonk (Belgium)
2 May 2008 - CPP-11 and PSP-2 Exam Training, Corsendonk (Belgium)
3 May 2008 - CPP and PSP Exam, Corsendonk (Belgium)
13 June 2008 - CPP-12 and PSP-3 Coaching, Corsendonk (Belgium)

All ASIS Benelux certification events take place at the Priory of Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium. Training sessions are organised by the Security College, contact: Mr Joop Verdonk CPP.

Czech Republic

31 October 2007
28 November 2007-Meeting, elections


24-27 September 2007 - Odense Fair (Safety & Security). (ASIS DK exhibiting)
26 September 2007 - Half day meeting in connection with the fair - networking
29 November 2007 - Whole day meeting - no subject yet
December 2007 Half day meeting - networking - Christmas Lunch


28 September 2007
7 December 2007


7 November 2007 - Human Resources / Security, Update from the Private Security Authority (PSA), Dublin City University (DCU) – CCTV developments
7 December 2007 - AGM

29 October to 1 November 2007 - International Workshop on Water Security, The Standards Institution of Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel. Click here and here for more information



11 October 2007 - Investigation technique & case studies
3 November 2007 - CPP and PSP Exam (Stockholm)
13 November 2007 - Standards (BS 25999 among others)
29 November 2007 - Chapter club evening with networking


13 February 2008 - ASIS Chapter 197 Sweden Annual Meeting and Chapter Dinner
3 May 2008 (TBC) - CPP and PSP Exam (Stockholm)
1 november 2008 (TBC) - CPP and PSP Exam (Stockholm)
Exams will take place at the Företagsuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please contact Mr Klas Nilsson CPP PSP PCI



27-28 September 2007 - II Managing Directors Congress, Barcelona (ASIS exhibiting)
October 2007 - 2nd National security meeting Barcelona
29 October 2007 - European Advisory Council meeting, Barcelona
30 October 2007 - Programme Committee Meeting, Barcelona
November 2007 - CPP exam.
November 2007 - Chapter meeting, elections Board of Directors of ASIS, Spanish Chapter


26-29 February 2008 - SICUR International Security, Safety & Fire Exhibition, Madrid
13-16 April 2008 - 7th European Security Conference, Barcelona


7 November 2007


2 November 2007 - CPP Exam
3 November 2007 - Conference

United Kingdom


25 October - Taking 208 to the Regions: Breakfast Briefing in Manchester
25th October - Women in Security - Prudential Assurance - Central London: Breakfast Workshop. Come to meet and talk through issues with other women in the Security world.
29 October to 2 November 2007 - PSP 5-day residential course
1st November - Taking 208 to the Regions: Breakfast Briefing in Bristol
31 October – 2 November 2007 - CPP Study Session.
3 November 2007 - Examination
15 November 2007 - Pre-Seminar Dinner
16 November 2007 - AGM and Seminar, Reuters, London
29th November - The CCTV and Electronics Workshop (change of date) - A day for NON TECHIES @ Tavcom Training, Hampshire: This will be a very useful development day for gaining a better understanding of how electronic systems work and what you can get out of them. Come a see how they work, play with the kit, ask the questions you never liked to ask. Numbers will be very limited so once the invitations go out move fast, put it in your diary NOW


17th March - Pre Seminar Dinner
18th March - Spring Seminar - British Library
6-8 June 2008 (TBC)- CPP Study Session
From July 2008 (TBC) - PSP Study Programme: Pre-course email assignments
27-31 October 2008 (TBC) - 5-day residential course
29- 31 October 2008 (TBC) - CPP Study Session

2007 UK certification events take place at The Swan at Streatley Hotel, Streatley on Thames, Berkshire. Training sessions are organised by ARC Training International Ltd. For more information contact Mr David Cresswell CPP or Ms Janet Ward  



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